Big Mo being Overshadowed 6.8.20 PreBlast

By now I’m sure all of F3Nation knows Kilo is Qing tomorrow in celebration of his birthday & the physical transformation he’s endured since starting F3 (which I’m damn proud of him for doing). Normally I’d be at Kilo’s birthday Q (like I have been the last 2 years) but instead I’ll be Qing at his home AO couple of weeks ago because a couple of weeks ago Worm asked me to Q which I agreed to do without checking the schedule…

I can tell you if you post at Vets you will NOT Bear Crawl roughly 300 yards & there will NOT be Kilo Bombs every 5 minutes. We’ll do some things & we will get better…I encourage anyone who does to come to Vets to wear some NEON (any color) to honor of Kilo.


~ Nino

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