6/5/20: BB – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Pax: Captain Crunchberry, Holly Roller, Porkchop, Cratchit, Double Down, Jolly Rancher, Fergie (Q)

Weather: low 70s, but an uncommon lack of air movement for PV – a bit sticky


Airplane contacted me about co-Qing this (after he had already picked it up). I suppose he foresaw the mechanical issues that would keep him from getting off the ground in advance with this move… as he did not show up. I do hear however he is getting his equipment failure looked at by a professional.

Anyway, this was my first post out with the broader group, and I must say it was great to get see some folks. I appreciate my time with smaller groups, however it’s great to hear the mumblechatter again. Plus some of Pork Chop’s stories were starting to get kind of dark.

I put in the PB that this would be a leg day. The Pax was welcome to wear a vest, or bring a coupon…I did not.

The curfew was lifted, however we kept to the amphitheater to keep a low profile. We went through COP to stretch out legs a bit.

Thang 1 – Ladder: Starting at the bottom of the theatre, do 5 box jumps, run to the top and back down to start. Then 5 box jumps, move up one level for 10 single leg squats. Run to the top and back down. Repeat up and back down the ladder adding an exercise and moving up one level each time. At 30, work back down the ladder.

The exercises were;

5 – Box Jumps

10 – Single leg Squats (per leg)

15 – Imperial Squat Walkers (4 count)

20 – Step ups (10 each leg)

25 – Squats

30 – Smurf jacks


We called it with 8 minutes to spare. We stretched our legs out a bit, and did 5 min of Mary.

T-claps to Pork Chop for being the only one to make it all the way up and back down the ladder, and to Holy Roller for doing his with an extra 50# of weight strapped to his chest.


Closed w the distant CoT with; CoR, NoR, announcements and intentions.

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