6/5/20: BB – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Pax: Captain Crunchberry, Holly Roller, Porkchop, Cratchit, Double Down, Jolly Rancher, Fergie (Q) Weather: low 70s, but an uncommon lack of air movement for PV – a bit sticky   Airplane contacted me about co-Qing this (after he had already picked it up). I suppose he foresaw the mechanical issues that would keep him fromContinue reading “6/5/20: BB – Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

6/5/20: PB – Return of the Pleasantville

I will mark my return to the gloom with the Grand Re-opening of Pleasantville. Technically, this is supposed to be a co-Q between Airplane and myself, however his reliability rating with on-time departures is WAY down lately. Either way, the curfew is lifted, so we will get moving at the normal, 5:30 start time. It’sContinue reading “6/5/20: PB – Return of the Pleasantville”

3/3/20: BB – Rooster @ the Mutt

PAX (17): Pork Chop, Larry Flint, Pope, Tiger, Wham-O (R), Old Bay, Left Eye, Fridge, Glen Ross, Plumb Bob, Tommy Boy, Snow Man, Deuce, PED, Blue Print, Windshield, Fergie (Q) Weather: mid 50s, damp with a light but short rain in the middle. Admittedly, a recycled recent Q. Given the traveling habits of the Mutt,Continue reading “3/3/20: BB – Rooster @ the Mutt”

2/13/20: BB – Agony @ the County

PAX: Mama’s Boy, Ashley, Cratchit, Honey Do, Red Card, Holy Roller (R ), My Pleasure, Scratch-N-Dent, Fergie (Q) Weather: 37, with a light and mostly consistent rain.   CoT With a brave 9 showing up for a rainy morning workout, we took a short mosey to the covered section by the playground to get warmedContinue reading “2/13/20: BB – Agony @ the County”

BB: 1/31/20 – BO @ Mary T

Pax (19) – Duckling, Pork Chop, Deflator, Pelican, Bulletin (R ), Cratchit, Airplane, Wham, Glen Ross, Tureen, Deuce, Tron, PED, Buschhhh, Geppetto, Back Draft, Digiorno, Noxeema Jackson, Fergie (Q) Weather – High 30s, damp. The rain held off (mostly) until the end.   Knowing the crowd, getting wet was not really an option. Chance ofContinue reading “BB: 1/31/20 – BO @ Mary T”

PB: 1/31 – F40206 – BO @ the Mary T

Marc Weinberg personally told me there is zero chance of rain tomorrow at 5am. Zero. Disregard the fake weather news out there, and come out to the Mary T. It’s January, so I would wear gloves. Not saying we are going to use coupons however. Also not saying we won’t. I would also wear shoes…Yes,Continue reading “PB: 1/31 – F40206 – BO @ the Mary T”

BB: 1/21/20 – Loco @ the County

Pax (14): Scratch-N-Dent, Jolly Rancher, Wildflower, Captain Crunchberry, Asian Zing (R ), Red Card, Pork Chop, Abacus, Crock Pot, Ashley, Grizzly, My Pleasure, Aerobie, Fergie (Q) Weather: Cold, but a touch warmer than Monday. Mid 20s. Dry with a few falling flakes.   Thanks to the County for having me back out. Great location, greatContinue reading “BB: 1/21/20 – Loco @ the County”

1/6/20 – BB – BO at the O

Pax (11): Sump Pump, Glenn Ross, Fridge, Fall Guy (R ), Tin Cup, Blueprint, Buschhh, Pope, PED, Pork Chop, Fergie (Q) Weather: Chilly, mid 30s, but dry. The work out: Kept it simple and ran the Murph. I figured 45 minutes could be tight, so advertised this as a modified murph. May have underestimated ourContinue reading “1/6/20 – BB – BO at the O”

8/12/19 – BB – BO @ the O

Pax: Fall Guy (R), Blueprint, Pork Chop, Glenn Ross, PED, Pope, Fergie (Q) Weather: Low 70s, and decent humidity. A pretty simple and straight-forward kind of morning. Start with a quick COP – SSH * 41, Grass Grabbers * 10, DownDog/Runner’s Stretch. Mostly just wanted to get our legs loose, which would get most ofContinue reading “8/12/19 – BB – BO @ the O”

5/18/19: BB – Nest @ The County

It wasn’t quite an empty Nest, but numbers were down as expected. Shout out to the Pax who competed in, and/or otherwise supported the AO Olympics with your time and energy. It looked like a great event, and hopefully one that can continue. I did get 3 strong gentlemen whom I have collectively known for about 50Continue reading “5/18/19: BB – Nest @ The County”