12/10/21: BB – Pleastantiville

Weather: 50s, no rain. PAX (5): Pork Chop, Harry Caray, Subprime, Viking, Fergie (Q) COP: We took a mosey through Pleasantville, with stops along the way to get our legs loose and our heart rate up – SSHs, runner’s stretch, grass grabbers, Imperial Walkers. The Thang: I selfishly made today a leg day based onContinue reading “12/10/21: BB – Pleastantiville”

10/12/21: BB – Mutt

Pax: Bloody Mary, Tiger, Glenn Ross, Back Draft, Wham-O (R ), Plan B, Larry Flint, Deuce, Old Bay, Wham!, Pork Chop, Ynot, Soft Top, Digiorno, Windshield, Ball Boy, Ronny Beaver, Peeping Tom, Fergie (Q) COP: Mosey around the long way of the school, and the standard warm-up; SSHs, Grass grabbers and some other stuff. Thang:Continue reading “10/12/21: BB – Mutt”

BB: 10/19/21 – BoW @ the O

Weather: Cool, low 50s Pax: Tron, Russdiculous, Handbook, Harry Caray, Part B, Palmolive, Gollum, Whitney (R ), Fergie (Q) COP – quick 1/4 mile loop, then SSHs, grass grabbers, stretching & tempo merkins Thang – We took a mile coupon lap with stops at every other lamppost. Stops included things like: man-makers, curls, skull crushers,Continue reading “BB: 10/19/21 – BoW @ the O”

9/28/21: BB – BoW @ the O

Weather: high 60s Pax: Harry Caray, Sump Pump (R ), Part B, Handbook, Russdiculous, Pork Chop, Motorboat, Jolly Rancher, Sweat Shop, Fergie (Q) COP: Short lap and the usual (SSH, Grass Grabber, Runner’s Stretch, etc) Thang 1: Man-maker 11s We did 11s on the tennis courts. Side 1 was a deconstructed man-maker (so, first roundContinue reading “9/28/21: BB – BoW @ the O”

9/23/21: BB – Extender @ The Mutt

Weather: Low 60s Pax: Pork Chop, Glen Ross, Back Draft, Buschh, Deuce, Bloody Mary, Tiger, Splinter, Soft Top, Wham, Ynot, Ball Boy, Pope, Peeping Tom, Larry Flint, Ronny Beaver, Windshield, Wham-O, Fergie (Q) COP: Circle up for the usual – SSH, down dog and runner’s stretch, etc, etc Thang: 1 – Mutt Mile – outContinue reading “9/23/21: BB – Extender @ The Mutt”

BB: 4/27/21 – ToG @ the O

If you’re reading this, Tron has unlocked my editing privileges in wordpress, now that he lured everyone to the Mutt this morning. Weather: Perfect F3 morning Pax (10): Handbook, Russdiculous, Harry Caray, Gringo, Alfalfa, Klopek, Sump Pump, Violet, Pork Chop, Fergie (Q) COP: We did a running COP, setting off around the O loop. WeContinue reading “BB: 4/27/21 – ToG @ the O”

8/21/20: BB – Chopper @ the Vet

Weather: High 60s / Low 70s, dry but humid conditions Pax: Sweat Shop, No Nuts, Bunghole, PK, Greenwich, Tony Malito, Meatball, Valdez, Airplane, Fergie (Q) COP – SSH, Tempo Merkins, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers & some runner’s stretching The one and only thang – Man making 11s Using the larger parking lot, lining up withContinue reading “8/21/20: BB – Chopper @ the Vet”

6/5/20: BB – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Pax: Captain Crunchberry, Holly Roller, Porkchop, Cratchit, Double Down, Jolly Rancher, Fergie (Q) Weather: low 70s, but an uncommon lack of air movement for PV – a bit sticky   Airplane contacted me about co-Qing this (after he had already picked it up). I suppose he foresaw the mechanical issues that would keep him fromContinue reading “6/5/20: BB – Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

6/5/20: PB – Return of the Pleasantville

I will mark my return to the gloom with the Grand Re-opening of Pleasantville. Technically, this is supposed to be a co-Q between Airplane and myself, however his reliability rating with on-time departures is WAY down lately. Either way, the curfew is lifted, so we will get moving at the normal, 5:30 start time. It’sContinue reading “6/5/20: PB – Return of the Pleasantville”

3/3/20: BB – Rooster @ the Mutt

PAX (17): Pork Chop, Larry Flint, Pope, Tiger, Wham-O (R), Old Bay, Left Eye, Fridge, Glen Ross, Plumb Bob, Tommy Boy, Snow Man, Deuce, PED, Blue Print, Windshield, Fergie (Q) Weather: mid 50s, damp with a light but short rain in the middle. Admittedly, a recycled recent Q. Given the traveling habits of the Mutt,Continue reading “3/3/20: BB – Rooster @ the Mutt”

2/13/20: BB – Agony @ the County

PAX: Mama’s Boy, Ashley, Cratchit, Honey Do, Red Card, Holy Roller (R ), My Pleasure, Scratch-N-Dent, Fergie (Q) Weather: 37, with a light and mostly consistent rain.   CoT With a brave 9 showing up for a rainy morning workout, we took a short mosey to the covered section by the playground to get warmedContinue reading “2/13/20: BB – Agony @ the County”