8/12/19 – BB – BO @ the O

Pax: Fall Guy (R), Blueprint, Pork Chop, Glenn Ross, PED, Pope, Fergie (Q) Weather: Low 70s, and decent humidity. A pretty simple and straight-forward kind of morning. Start with a quick COP – SSH * 41, Grass Grabbers * 10, DownDog/Runner’s Stretch. Mostly just wanted to get our legs loose, which would get most ofContinue reading “8/12/19 – BB – BO @ the O”

5/18/19: BB – Nest @ The County

It wasn’t quite an empty Nest, but numbers were down as expected. Shout out to the Pax who competed in, and/or otherwise supported the AO Olympics with your time and energy. It looked like a great event, and hopefully one that can continue. I did get 3 strong gentlemen whom I have collectively known for about 50Continue reading “5/18/19: BB – Nest @ The County”

BB – 4/12/19 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

The pre-blast said leg day, and that’s what we did. Weather – warm, and humid as the storm approached. Dry for the first 35 minutes before a very light rain started in. Pax (11) – Grinder, Cowboy, Gilligan, Jolly Rancher, Blart, Big Bird, Viking, Mama’s Boy, Airplane, Pork Chop, Fergie (Q). COP No FNGs; disclaimerContinue reading “BB – 4/12/19 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

Pre-Blast – Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 4/12/19

Going to end the work week with leg day (with some cardio and core mixed in). We will run a little, but not long distance. No gloves needed. If you needed more reason to join, here are 10 reasons not to skip leg day (courtesy of the daily burn): 1. You’ll be a better athlete.Continue reading “Pre-Blast – Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 4/12/19”

2/16/19 – Back Blast; the Ruiner @ the “O”

This is late; I apologize, but I blame the beer. As many of you know, Tail Spin went off Saturday afternoon and was an excellent event. Kudos to all of the Pax involved. Great effort and a great success. Weather – Cold, but reasonable in the 30s. Despite the threat of snow, no precipitation andContinue reading “2/16/19 – Back Blast; the Ruiner @ the “O””