BB: 4/27/21 – ToG @ the O

If you’re reading this, Tron has unlocked my editing privileges in wordpress, now that he lured everyone to the Mutt this morning.

Weather: Perfect F3 morning

Pax (10): Handbook, Russdiculous, Harry Caray, Gringo, Alfalfa, Klopek, Sump Pump, Violet, Pork Chop, Fergie (Q)

COP: We did a running COP, setting off around the O loop. We made stops for SSH (25), Grass Grabbers (10), tempo merkins (15), and Toy Soldiers (15).

Thang 1: We veered off to use the half pipe. Top of side 1 was 10 – 4 count lunges. Run to the bottom of the hill for 1 BOYO. Run to the top of side 2 for 10 – 4 count Imperial Squat Walkers. We repeated with a BOYO at the bottom of the hill for 5 iterations.

Thang 2: We moseyed to the tennis courts with our last 15 minutes or so. Starting at the first sideline, we bear crawled to the far sideline. 5 merkins. Bernie back to the start. Bear crawl to the far side line of court 2. 10 merkins. Bernie back. We did this for all 4 courts.

We closed with a few minutes of mary.

COT: Announcements. Intentions. And then we set off to start our days.

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