Backblast The Loco 4/27/21

Beautiful Morning at the County…thanks to all who joined!

PAX- Jerry Maguire (R), Lady Bird (R), Beggin Strips (Woof), Pew Pew (R), Fungi, Time Share, Tidwell, Pelican, Big Bird, Crachit, Captain Crunchberry, Time Share, Jitterbug (QIC)

COP- Mosey to Front Lot SSH, Grassgrabbers, Toy Soldiers, Hillbilly Walkers, Kendra, Michael, Stretching, Merkins, Squats……All Warmed Up

Thang 1- Mosey to back Lot West End of Campus. Circled Up. Called out a series of Leg Exercises OYO..Each was followed by 5 BOYOS. Exercises were 50 ButtKicks, 50 High Knees, 20 Jump Squats, 15 Groiners , (might have been one more?)

Thang 2- Mosey 2 Benches by Back Of School. Jack Webb 1/4 Ratio of Air Presses and Single Count American Hammers up to 10 and 40. Thanks to @pelicanje who stepped in with some help with the counting when my breathing became clearly labored.

Thang 3- Partnered Up. Partner 1 would do 20 Hop-Ups or Single Leg Step Ups on benches by back door while Partner 2 did AMRAP of another exercise, then Switch. Did this for 3 rounds. The Exercises were Carolina Dry Docks, T-Merkins, Hand Release Merkins.

Thang 4- Mosey to Back Lot for my Version of a Triple Nickel which I think mostly was a triple nickel but maybe not officially. Anyway….PAX Lined up at one end of Lot. Some Orange Cones were already well placed to assist with this…The County is very accommodating. PAX Did 5 Bodybuilders, Then Sprint to 1st Cone…Bernie to 2nd cone. They would then do 5 Bobby Hurleys and Sprint back to the start. We repeated this 5 Times.

Thang 5- Mary

COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions. Prayers were offered for Friends and Loved Ones of some of the PAX Present; Some Intentions were silent….All Were Heard. There isn’t a morning when I post that I don’t appreciate the gift that is F3 and what it means to me. As the next 3rd F Q, If I have one overall goal I want people to know who we are, and the Impact we can have. Clear the Path and Light the Way…..Jitterbug Out

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