BlackBlast The Ruiner at The O 12/10/22

Thanks to the Boys at the Original for having me out Saturday….Been a minute since I have Q’d. PAX- Sump Pump (R), Dot (R), IceMan (R), Flo Jo, Duff, Goose Bumps, Finkle, Shyster, Russdiculous, Tron, Motor Boat, Jitterbug (QIC) Moseyed from Tennis Courts to the School Parking Lot for COP- SSH/Abe Vigodas, Grass Grabbers, HillbillyContinue reading “BlackBlast The Ruiner at The O 12/10/22”

BackBlast The Range at The Patriot 5/25/22

Look at me with the same day Backblast. Always worth the lost 10 minutes of Sleep to visit the HIM at the Patriot PAX- Yankovic (R), Swag, Rip Van Winkle, Snaggletooth, Focker, For Days, Layover, Sequel, Colonel Klink, Jitterbug (QIC) Mosey (thru the Sprinklers, MY BAD!) to the City Center Court Yard for COP…..SSH, GrassGrabbers,Continue reading “BackBlast The Range at The Patriot 5/25/22”

BackBlast The Foundry at The County 3/2/22

Beautiful morning at the County, thanks to those that joined me. PAX- Ladybird (R), Oscar, MeterMaid, Octodad, Brown Water, Jitterbug (QIC) We stayed in the main lot and for the various “Thangs” and I set up an orange cone midway between Island 1 (closest to the school) and 2. Did a quick warm up lapContinue reading “BackBlast The Foundry at The County 3/2/22”

BackBlast The Escalator@TheAbyss 2/9/2022

Jitterbug actually doing his BackBlast the same day as he Q’d? I Know Right?! Really great to be back out at The Abyss, even with the lights :). PAX- LadyBird (R), Beggin Strips (Woof), Glowsticks, F-stop, Harbaugh, Viking, Abacus, Jitterbug (QIC) COP- Mosey to Bottom of Hill by Lake for SSH, GrassGrabbers, Toy Soldiers, CopperheadContinue reading “BackBlast The Escalator@TheAbyss 2/9/2022”

Backlist The Ruiner @ The O

Great Saturday Morning at The Original, despite some counting and depth perception issues on my part we managed to have a great workout. PAX- Harry Caray, Russdiculous, Tron, Handbook, Dot (R), Sump Pump (R), Jitterbug (Q) COP SSH, Grassgrabbers, Toy Soldiers, Abe V’s, Mountain Climbers, Stretching, and quick Mosey around the Tennis Courts. Thang 1-Continue reading “Backlist The Ruiner @ The O”

Backblast The Big Kapowski 10/28/2021

After having to bag a Q at Bayside following a heavy snow in February, I promised to return soon. Soon is a relative term, so thanks to @Sliderule for holding me to my promise. Joined by a great Group of HIM who were feeling Lucky Borland (R), Ruby (R), Slide Rule, Schotzie, Birdie, Gilley, JitterbugContinue reading “Backblast The Big Kapowski 10/28/2021”

Backblast The Chopper at Vets 917/19

Great to be back out at Vets. Thanks to those that joined: PAX- Ladybird (R), Bunghole, Tenderfoot, Yoshi, Jinxy, Newman, Methane, Bob Ross, Bombay, Jitterbug (Q) COP- Mosey to big parking lot: SSH, GrassGrabbers, Toy Soldiers, Stretching, Merkins, Squats Thang- As I am preparing for a weeklong trip out to Vegas for the dreaded tradeContinue reading “Backblast The Chopper at Vets 917/19”

Backblast The Defender at The Patriot 8/20/21

Great to be back out at The Patriot, got to start my day with two of the Finest F3 has to offer. PAX: Holy Roller (R), Focker, Jitterbug (Q) Just incredible to watch what Holy Roller can do on Crutches. I explained that the theme of the day was Lucky Sevens. We performed 3 (IContinue reading “Backblast The Defender at The Patriot 8/20/21”

Backblast The Fog at North Posh 5/26/21

PAX- Ladybird (R), Drysdale (R), Leno, Tenderfoot, Glowsticks, Diane Dukes, Jitterbug (QIC) Mosey half way down Bike,Walk,Run Path for COP….Just getting ready to get started and we see a couple of absolute HIM heading up the Path……@Focker and @Backflop putting in some miles. SSH, Grassgrabbers, Hillbilly Walkers, Stretching, Merkins and Squats. A few Boyos thrownContinue reading “Backblast The Fog at North Posh 5/26/21”

Backblast Big Kapowski 5/27/21

Thanks to the HIM of Bayside for having me out….always appreciate the opportunity to Lead. PAX: Ladybird (R), Borland (R), Charolais (R), Shuttlecock (R), Ruby (R), Banana Bread, Slide Rule, Birdie, Slugger (2.0), Firing Pin (2.0), Jitterbug (QIC) Bayside offers the perfect opportunity to cover some ground; do some work, then cover some more groundContinue reading “Backblast Big Kapowski 5/27/21”

Backblast The Loco 4/27/21

Beautiful Morning at the County…thanks to all who joined! PAX- Jerry Maguire (R), Lady Bird (R), Beggin Strips (Woof), Pew Pew (R), Fungi, Time Share, Tidwell, Pelican, Big Bird, Crachit, Captain Crunchberry, Time Share, Jitterbug (QIC) COP- Mosey to Front Lot SSH, Grassgrabbers, Toy Soldiers, Hillbilly Walkers, Kendra, Michael, Stretching, Merkins, Squats……All Warmed Up ThangContinue reading “Backblast The Loco 4/27/21”