Backblast TheFog 11/16/19

This was clear back to last Saturday; to the best of my recollection this is what happened: PAX-  Iceman COQ, Jitterbug COQ, Drysdale, Tenderfoot, Mr. Kotter, Wapner, Harbaugh, Ladybird (R) COP-  SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Squat Workers, Kendra Newmans, Stretching, Threw in a few Merkins and Mountain Climbers at the end Thang 1- Short MoseyContinue reading “Backblast TheFog 11/16/19”

Backblast #theFog 10/19

Thanks to those who joined me this past Saturday PAX-  Jitterbug (QIC) , Gypsy, Wapner, Stick Up, Huggies, Bear (Huggies 2.0) Quicky Mosey and COP  Including:  SSH, Abe Vigodas, Imperial Walkers, Threw in a few Combination SSH/Tuck Jump Combination thing somebody made me do at The O last week….went OK. Finished with Stretching and thenContinue reading “Backblast #theFog 10/19”

Backblast The Incubator 9/16/19

I was catching up on Blasts and realized there was one missing….Oopsie!  Here’s what we did. PAX-   Jitterbug (Q), Iceman (R), Ladybird (R), Retainer (Good to see you man!), Deepdish, Wapner, Tenderfoot, Swifty, Buzzsaw, Ripple Short Mosey and COP-   SSH, Imperial Walker Squats, Grass Grabbers, Stretching,  Then while holding plank in between performedContinue reading “Backblast The Incubator 9/16/19”

Backblast The Fog 6/22/19

Great time in The Fog this past Saturday, thanks to those who came out for Ladybird and I; to the best of my recollection, this is what went down…. PAX  Ladybird, Jitterbug (COQIC), Harbaugh, Gypsy, Drysdale, DoubleDown COP  Ladybird Started us off with SSH, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers and some stretching. Thang 1-  Led byContinue reading “Backblast The Fog 6/22/19”

BackBlast #theIncubator 5/6/2019 A pair of 7’s and a Brain Fart

Thanks to those who came out for my Birthday Q ! PAX  Jitterbug (QIC)  Pew Pew, Sandtrap, Bob Ross, Pew Pew, Ladybird, Gypsy -Disclaimer and Mosey for COP:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers, Stretching, 10 Mountain Climbers (IC) , 5 BOYOs and we were off to the Bridge -Thang 1 Starting at the top ofContinue reading “BackBlast #theIncubator 5/6/2019 A pair of 7’s and a Brain Fart”

Backblast #Pleasantville 3/29/2019

I really enjoy this AO more and more and can’t recommend enough trying to work it into your rotation.  It was my first Q outside of Posh so my thanks to Grinder for the opportunity. Was looking forward to one last beatdown before vacation and luckily the rain held off. PAX:  Jitterbug (QIC), Grinder, PewContinue reading “Backblast #Pleasantville 3/29/2019”

Backblast 3/13/19 #TheBridge WWCID

The PAX arrived at The Poshlands last Wednesday in anticipation of a Captain Insane-o beatdown. Just one problem…no Captain Insane-o.   We quickly realized that this was a test to see how we would react (CI’s brilliance is subtle ) and knew we must apply the principles of what we had learned in F3; soContinue reading “Backblast 3/13/19 #TheBridge WWCID”

Backblast #The Bridge 1/23/19

Not gonna lie I was a bit nervous this morning when at 5:28 it was just me and the Shovel Flag; but then….headlights in the distance! Pax Jitterbug (QIC), Mr. Kotter, Bob Ross, Methane, Pew Pew, Nice-n-Slow COP under the pavilion:  SSH, Grass Grabbers, Hillbillies, Kendra Newmans, Stretching Thang 1-  2 sets in succession onContinue reading “Backblast #The Bridge 1/23/19”

Backblast #thebridge11/28/18

Well I read two Epic Backblasts today from @brockramser Red Roof and @tonymalito, so I won’t embarrass myself by trying to compete with those.  Lets talk about what we did. Weather:  24 degrees but dry and very little wind PAX-  Jitterbug (QIC), Ladybird (R), Drive Thru (R), Iceman (R), Gypsy, Mr. Kotter, Bob Ross, Uncle Rico,Continue reading “Backblast #thebridge11/28/18”