BackBlast The Foundry at The County 3/2/22

Beautiful morning at the County, thanks to those that joined me.

PAX- Ladybird (R), Oscar, MeterMaid, Octodad, Brown Water, Jitterbug (QIC)

We stayed in the main lot and for the various “Thangs” and I set up an orange cone midway between Island 1 (closest to the school) and 2. Did a quick warm up lap around the lot and back to the start for COP- SSH, Grass Grabbers, Arm Circles, Stretching, 10 Merkins, 10 Copperhead Squats. Grabbed Coupons and headed to Island 1

Thang 1- 10 Merkins, Rifle Carry Coupon to Midpoint (Orange Cone), Do 5 Manmakers, Leave Coupon and Sprint to Island 2, 10 Squats, Sprint Back to Midpoint, 5 Manmakers and Rifle Carry Coupon Back to Start…….Rinse and Repeat….Twice

Thang 2- Partner Work- We used the entire lot for this- a circle around all 3 Islands. Partner 1 Starts with 5 Burpees while partner 2 Takes off Farmer Carrying 2 Coupons. Partner 1 Completes Burpees and Sprints to Catch Partner 2. Then they switch and continue the Pattern. We did this for two full laps around the parking lot.

Thang 3- A small but effective Board of Pain (2 sided!) Side 1 had 4 Exercises that PAX did in Succession, Sprinted Halfway and Bernie Sanders Halfway Up to 2nd Island and Back. First Set of Exercises: 15 Curls,15 Bent Over Rows, 15 Overhead Press, 15 Coupon Squats….Rinse and Repeat

Thang 4- Flipped the board for 4 more exercises. After Completing the Exercises PAX Sprinted Up and Mario Back. 15 Coupon HopOvers, 15 BigBoys, 15 Coupon Chest Press, 15 Coupon Crossover Merkins……Rinse and Repeat

That Brought us to Time. COR, NOR, Intentions

Captain Crunchberry, Abacus, Virginia Slims, and DeVitto had been doing a B/O Run and Joined our Circle. DeVitto had planted a Flag of Ukraine at the beginning; he has a neighbor from Ukraine with loved ones in Harms Way. During Intentions DeVitto told a very moving story of some first hand events going on in Ukraine, and it seems impossible to imagine the horrors innocent people are having to endure. We prayed for their safety and offered our own silent intentions. I challenged the group to remember what it is to be part of F3, and identify one person today to make a positive influence on. Always and Honor to Lead these Men. Jitterbug Out.

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