BackBlast The Fog 6/19/21

Really enjoyed the change of pace as we moved The Fog up to North Posh. Good to see it in the daylight, and was nice to have an extra 15 Minutes of “Fun”

PAX- Ladybird (R), Glowsticks, Stick-Up, Drysdale, Tenderfoot, Jitterbug (Q)

If you have read recent BackBlasts you know I have a new Philosophy about really Keeping things simple. Not the most creative guy (lazy) and so the goal is always to keep things moving; with some PT along the way. I encourage everyone to Q at least once a month, and there is no reason to overthink it. All AO’s have Hills, Parking Lots etc. Run, Mosey, Bernie, Bear Crawl to a spot, do 3 exercises, rinse and repeat; if you repeat an exercise no biggie, the PAX will follow. General Rule is to Pick an upper body exercise, a lower body exercise and then and AB exercise…then move on. If you have a short wall or benches at the stopping point, then that is a great (or awful) opportunity for dips or step ups.

So; the Thang was to follow this pattern starting with COP at the bottom of the back hill at the Gazebo….Mosey back up to the start for round 2….. Moseyed to Bottom of Big Hill at main entrance to North….Worked our way back up to top, Round 3 before we headed down the Bike/Walker/Runner path. Round 4 was a “7” of Merkins and Squats with a 50 yard Uphill sprint and back. Round 5 Ws halfway back up the Hill to the start with some Dips on the Benches. That left 10 minutes for a nice leisurely mosey back down the back hill and up again to the Start.

COR, NOR, Intentions……always an honor to lead……Jitterbug Out

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