Backblast The Big Kapowski 10/28/2021

After having to bag a Q at Bayside following a heavy snow in February, I promised to return soon. Soon is a relative term, so thanks to @Sliderule for holding me to my promise. Joined by a great Group of HIM who were feeling Lucky

Borland (R), Ruby (R), Slide Rule, Schotzie, Birdie, Gilley, Jitterbug (Q)

7 PAX for a workout I have been running called “Lucky 7’s”. (Coincidence or Divine? I don’t know but we were at Bayside?)

-Short Mosey and then COP: SSH, Abe V’s, Toy Solders, Stetching, Merkins and Squats

-Thang 1, Seven #1- Burpees and Squats. 6 Burpees, Mario 50 yards, 1 Squat Sprint Back….Repeat with 5, 2 etc

-Thang 2, Seven #2- T-Merkins and Jump Squats. 6 T-merkins Sprint 50Yards, 1 Jump Squat, Bernie Sanders back etc

-Thang 3, 7’s aren’t lucky unless you got 3! Moseyed to area by School Entrance where we had a short wall to work with. Derkins and Bobby Hurleys. 6 Derkins, Bear Crawl 20 yards- 1 Bobby Hurley, Lunge Walk back to Wall etc.

-Thang 4- Use the short wall for 3 sets of 20 Step ups-15 Dips-10 Incline Merkins,

Mary, COR, NOR and Intentions. What an honor to lead an extraordinary group of men. Im not Sure when I will be back but it won’t be another 8 months. Right @Slide Rule? Jitterbug Out!

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