Backblast The Defender at The Patriot 8/20/21

Great to be back out at The Patriot, got to start my day with two of the Finest F3 has to offer.

PAX: Holy Roller (R), Focker, Jitterbug (Q)

Just incredible to watch what Holy Roller can do on Crutches. I explained that the theme of the day was Lucky Sevens. We performed 3 (I think 3 7’s is sucky?) We had about 50 Yards of Sidewalk Space in front of the Courthouse to work with…. So on the first Set we Bernie’d to one end and Sprinted back to the start. Sets 2 and 3 was a Sprint down and back. The exercises: First 7, Body Builders on one end, Squats on the other. Second 7, Burpees on one end, Jump Squats on the other. Third 7, T-merkins on one end and Groiners on the other. Incredible how well Holy Roller got up and back, and if your are gonna get lapped by shame in that person being Focker.

Pretty gassed by this point but still plenty of time. Next Thang. Grab a wall and do 20 each of Incline Merkins, Dips and Step ups, Then a lap around the Courthouse…..Rinse and repeat twice. Focker left me in the dust and again Holy Roller Covered some ground on his crutches.

5 Minutes of Mary, by COR, NOR and Intentions. I had Focker take us out in prayer, and as usual he Crushed it. Honored to get better with 2 Great men. As I left I realized I needed the Patriot that morning way more than it needed me. Jitterbug Out

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