PreBlast #the Fog at POSH 4/2/22

April 2, 2018 would turn out to be an Important day for me. My first F3 post, (although I didn’t realize it at the time) @Iceman had texted me from time to time about this amazing group but the early morning thing was just a no go. That day we, along with several other families were beginning our Spring Break with 2.O’s in tow. Wanted to get some exercise and Ice told me the afternoon before during several beach beers to meet him the courtyard of the Condo Complex. Turns out several other F3 Legends were in attendance that day. @Vincent, @Methane , @DoubleDown, @Forced Close (little “l” legend 🙂 The rest is history…..Join me at The Fog tomorrow morning to Celebrate my 4 year postiversary! SYITG Jitterbug

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