BackBlast #The Incubator @Posh 6/27/22

Thanks to Harry Carey for joining PK and I and completing our Quorum.

I always try and hit a bit of everything and then move a short distance and on to the next thing. What we did was Mosey a bit and then do a series of exercises 1 upper body, 1 Lower body and an AB exercise. Here’s what we did: and by that I mean I know at some point we did all these exercises. Point is it doesn’t have to be complicated. Mosey, Run, Sprint

Stop 1- COP SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Stretching, Merkins and Mountain Climber to Warm.

Stop 2- Mosey to the Egglawn and stopped at First Lot- Boyos-Squats-LBC’s

Stop 3-Mosey to next Lot around Egglawn- T-Merkins- Jump Squats-Freddie Mercurys

Stop 4- Rock Bridge- Grabbed 2 Rocks each- Did Curls, Tricep Extensions, and Shoulder Raises in succession. 10 Each, Run to end of Bridge and Bernie Back, Then R@R with 15-20 Reps.

Stop 5- Next Parking Lot- Shoulder Taps, Bobby Hurleys, and Gas Pumps

Stop 6- The Bridge- 15 Merkins at the Bottom, Run to Top and Do 20 Dips, Run to other side for More Merkins and Back with 20 Dips at the Top. Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey back to the start for Mary

COR, NOR, Intentions

Always an Privilege to lead

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