BackBlast The Fog @Poshlands 4/2/22

PAX- Ladybird (R), Leno (R), Minnow, MeterMaid, Fertile Myrtle, Bacon, PK, Natty Lite, Jitterbug.

Once Again bad Idea to wait 3 days to do the backlist, as its not exactly fresh in my mind. But of course what I had for Breakfast isn’t exactly fresh in my mind TBH. I stuck with my formula of Working, Moving….Rinse and Repeat often.

With that is Stop at a Parking Lot By the Egg Lawn For some Parking Curb Merkins, (In honor of Diablo I emphasized the Chest much touch the Curb, or as he says Full F’n Reps…. worked in some Lunges Between Reps

From there we did a friendly Jitterbug style mosey with several stops along the way, with a variety of Upper Body Lower Body and AB exercises. At the Bridge: On the way out and on the way back, We did 10 Merkins at the Bottom, Bernie to the top for 20 Dips, and Ran down the Other side for 20 Squats..

On to the Fountain: PAX Grabbed a Bench, and we did Dips, Derkins, and Step Ups, then a Bear Crawl around the Fountain….Rinse and Repeat.

Down the Path by the Soccer Fields we made use of the Benches for Partner Work that traded off between Big Boys and Incline Merkins.

Continued to the Bridge over the Lake where the Group Did 5 Boyos, Bernie to the other end and 5 Bobby Hurleys; (We Rinsed and Repeated on our Mosey Back in )

On our tour de Posh we stopped at 3 other Points where I chose An Upper body, Lower Body, and AB Exercise as we made our way out and back.

Back at the Start we headed over to the Playground and finished off with some pull-ups and big boys that took is right to time.

COR, NOR and Intentions. AN honor to lead Men who make me better in every way.

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