BB-Pelican Q Moonshiner at the Boondocks 4/22/21

It was a great morning for a workout but the weekend filled with convergence and kids sports made me forget most of what happened so going with a quick recap.

PAX there were Captain Crunchberry, Softwood, Tidwell, Holy Roller (R), FOCKER, Cochran, Flex Seal, Yankovic (R), WILDflower, Honey Do, Jolly Rancher, Swag (FNG), Pelican (Q)

No Airplanes in sight. We did COP and it was awesome. Then we got ready for the thang which was–5/10/15 reps of V-Ups, Coupon Swings and then Coupon Squats and then take a lap (~a quarter mile or so). During the lap there were 3 spots with cones where you did 10 merkins, squats and big boys. Each time you got back to your coupon you added a round of 5/10/15. Don’t do 10/20/30 Cratchit as that’s different. Most PAX got through 4 rounds-we split the group and my way went the long way for sure so we probably ran more miles.

We finished up and headed for some Mary. On the way back FOCKER had my speaker so I had to haul ass to keep the blue tooth connection going.

I’m sure there was some funny stuff that I’m forgetting. But Holy Roller did meet a dude name Landon or Logan the day before and he came out for his first workout. We named him Swag which seems really cool but it still isn’t that cool when you tell someone outside of F3 that’s your name. That’s the shortest meet to HL I recall since Mama’s Boy head locked Free Agent in the middle of a workout. I remember he was here on a bachelor party, not sure why he was taking a walk at 7:15 AM in Pewee Valley during the bachelor party weekend but he did make a free throw.

Anyway we did CoR, NoR, intentions and announcements. The one thing I remember sharing is how fast life can change. Appreciate everything good in your life no matter how trivial it may seem at the time because tomorrow it not be there or you may not be able to do it.

Pains me to say this but the Boondocks has a great thing going out there–most likely because they have more Site Qs than workouts but probably some other things helping out there.

Always humbled to lead,


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