12/10/21: BB – Pleastantiville

Weather: 50s, no rain.

PAX (5): Pork Chop, Harry Caray, Subprime, Viking, Fergie (Q)

COP: We took a mosey through Pleasantville, with stops along the way to get our legs loose and our heart rate up – SSHs, runner’s stretch, grass grabbers, Imperial Walkers.

The Thang: I selfishly made today a leg day based on a nagging upper body ailment. Pork Chop reminded me that others may have lower body ailments, to which I explained they were free to modify.

From the base of the pavilion, we spread out on the first row for a ladder. Starting from the bottom, complete 5 reps of exercise 1. Run to the top of the pavilion (9 levels) and back to the start. Repeat from the base 5 reps of exercise 1, move to the second level for 10 reps of exercise 2. Run to the top and back to the start. Repeat until finished.

The exercises were:

5 – box jumps, 10 – Bulgarian squats (per leg), 15 – BBSUs, 20 – Step-ups (per leg), 25 – gas pumps (4 count), 30 Imperial Squat Walkers, 35 – gorilla squats.

All Pax were able to complete the above with enough time for mary.

We closed with CoR, NoR and announcements. Intentions were given for several Pax dealing with personal challenges, health challenges and all of the other things life throws at us.

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