6/7/22 BB BoW @ the O

I prefaced the PB with the plan for the morning would depend on which “40 year old ailment” I was afflicted with (or free of) that day. As it was, I woke up feeling pretty good, all things considered.

We started with a warm-up 1/4 mi lap and COP on the tennis courts. Largely focused on getting our legs stretched out.

For the morning, we ran the hills.

Cherokee Gardens Rd – Top of the hill was 10 merkins, bottom of the hill was 10 4 count Imperial Squat walkers. 3 trips up and back.

Sunnyside Drive – With partner; partner 1 AMRAP dips and derkins at the wall, while partner 2 runs to the top of the hill for 10 SSHs. 3 trips up and back.

Briar Hill Rd – 7s – Gorilla squats at the top, x at the bottom.

We moseyed back to the Tennis courts for a few minutes of Mary.

COT – we welcomed 2 FNGs, welcome Speedo and Flood Plain.

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