BB – 06.08.22 – BO at Abyss (Kitty Litter Q)

I had planned on sticking around the home-gym for this morning’s workout, but then Mr Hat had DM’d a few Abyss regulars to see about getting together for a BO. Often, I find a certain peaceful tranquility–a refreshing introspective solitude–when working out alone. But there’s almost nothing I’d rather do solo (bike, run, lift, monkey hump), that isn’t made that much better when amongst a fellowship of F3 brothers.

So my home plan was bought to Long Run Park, joined in by Air Raid (R), Glowsticks, Uncle Sam (R) and Mr. Hat. It felt downright crowded for the Abyss. Standing room only.

After some light stretching and ‘Merkins, the Thang was straightforward: 2 x 15-minute AMRAP sessions of box steps (and box jumps), intersected by sets of pull-ups and a moseying. Supplemental weights were available (sandbags, rucksacks, plates) to wring out a bit more sweat. Ended with COT: COR/NOR, Announcements, Intentions, Gratitude. The Earth was left a bit saltier and the HIM left a bit better. –KL–

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