BB-10/11/21-Minuteman @ Patriot -KittyLitter Q

Good turnout for the Monday WO, making me optimistic about the Paxs’ momentum going into the rest of the week. We worked as a team, carrying a bloated (55-lb) “golden coupon” (a solid concrete 1970’s-style coffee table leg) and a 45-lb box of –you guessed it– kitty litter up and down Heartbreak Hill. Everyone gotContinue reading “BB-10/11/21-Minuteman @ Patriot -KittyLitter Q”

PB – Minuteman @ The Patriot: 10.11.21 – 0530hrs – Kitty Litter Q

The bad news is that my biceps are a bit sore (over-swole?) from the avalanche of coupon curls over the past couple weeks. The good news is that I plan to take all my frustration out on my core, my legs, and my heart! Join us Monday to start your work-week off RIGHT (i.e. fromContinue reading “PB – Minuteman @ The Patriot: 10.11.21 – 0530hrs – Kitty Litter Q”

BackBlast 10.01.21 – IPC W4 @Abyss

We had five Pax whackin’ back coupon curls, squats, overhead presses, kettle-coupon swings, ‘Merkins, thrusters, Bonnies, and Man-makers. Plus some sprinting and burpees to divide the ridiculous number of reps into sets of 25. All 900 reps (or more) were done in impeccable form, of course, as is the habit of the HIMbyss faithfuls. WellContinue reading “BackBlast 10.01.21 – IPC W4 @Abyss”

Pre-Blast 10.01.21 – IPC Week 4 @ Abyss (Kitty Litter Q) 0500-hrs

This might be your last chance to push yourself in the 2021 IronPax Challenge. 5:00am start! 52:30 is the countdown time (working towards total reps/cycles…not time). That means our warm-up will be: 1 x Side-Straddle-Hop, 1x Grass Grabber, 1 x Toy Soldier (but only right arm to left leg so we can fit it allContinue reading “Pre-Blast 10.01.21 – IPC Week 4 @ Abyss (Kitty Litter Q) 0500-hrs”

BB-9.24.21-Motivator @Abyss-IPC/W3-Kitty Litter Q

Great weather for three battle-hardened Pax. Not sure which was harder, the working out part…or counting the exercises up to 50 total (having to count within reps, having to sprint after two minutes, having to run between thangs, having the EMOM countdown, etc.). But done was gotten. Finished with a very short Mary. G’job men.

BB 9.3.21 – Gladiator @ Abyss

Three HIMs did the work of six. It was Iron-Pax-Challenge morning, so we set some cones down field and cranked the tunes. A bit of SSHs, Grass-Grabbers, M. Phelps, etc…and off to the races. The ‘Merkins and Run segments are self-explanatory, but our little Abyssful slice of Heaven offers the added bonus of a “tilt”.Continue reading “BB 9.3.21 – Gladiator @ Abyss”

PB 9.3.21 – Motivator @Abyss – Uncle Sam & Kitty Litter co-Qs

If you haven’t gotten your Week-Zero warm up for Iron Pax Challenge, this is the one. Starting at 0500-hrs, we’ll get you home before the newspaper hits your box and as the dawn and world awakes. We’ll make up for your lack of proper ‘Merkin Form with all run segments being at a “slight grade”.Continue reading “PB 9.3.21 – Motivator @Abyss – Uncle Sam & Kitty Litter co-Qs”

BB-8.9.21-Motivator @ Abyss – Kitty Litter Q

A beautiful morning full of cheerful Pax (9.5 total with dog)! … at least cheerful for a few minutes. Then we got started with an “Indian Mosey” (or native-Am/indigenous whatever) running down to the boat ramp–in-line w/last-man overtaking the group in succession–as we made it back to the court for… Thang Uno: Your basic Ladder,Continue reading “BB-8.9.21-Motivator @ Abyss – Kitty Litter Q”

BB-7.28.21-Abyss: Kitty Litter Random Q

After casting lots and rolling dice to determine who’d get to Q, six pax were woken up to a horrific looking Winkie stashed in KL’s trunk. So gangly was the workout line-up that we (KL) had to call multiple audibles throughout. In other words, we ALL had to “modify as necessary”. Turns out that kickingContinue reading “BB-7.28.21-Abyss: Kitty Litter Random Q”

Backblast – 7.19.21. Motivator @ The Abyss – Kitty Litter Q

A lively-five Pax showed up at dawn to get stronger today. We started off with some warm-up balancing work, taken straight from the Yoga playbook. Then to inspire all the weekend water to exit our bodies, we jumped right into Thang Uno: 10 Burpees, 15 Coupon Squats, 20 ‘Merkins, 25 Overhead Press (alt. with Skull-Crushers),Continue reading “Backblast – 7.19.21. Motivator @ The Abyss – Kitty Litter Q”

06.25.21 Back-Blast: Kitty Litter Q @ Abyss

Six pax showed up this fine morning. No, I didn’t say we started off with a six-pack this morning…have some respect, even though it might have been acceptable with our “late” start of 0530. In any event, we began with light stretching, then cruised to the bottom of the boat-ramp to begin our nautical theme.Continue reading “06.25.21 Back-Blast: Kitty Litter Q @ Abyss”

Pre-Blast 6.25.21 – Gladiator @ Abyss 0530 hrs. Kitty Litter = Q

The Q/Event Calendar still says “0500”…but we’re sleeping in these days and not gettin’ after it until 0530! Sleeping in like a teenager. Since the Q is just getting back in town, logging 30k-step days in Boston & other parts of MA, we’ll need to bust some blisters and shake off a bit of I-tax.Continue reading “Pre-Blast 6.25.21 – Gladiator @ Abyss 0530 hrs. Kitty Litter = Q”