Back Blast – 06.28.22 – Planetarium @ Boondocks

I’m grateful to the Boondocks HIM for having me out to Q this morning, and even grateful to Cap Crunchberry for publicly inspiring (read: shaming) a prompt production of this abridged Back Blast. Planetarium Wednesday AO is now under new management: The Tier-1 Leadership Team of Virginia Slims and…Virginia Slims. It was a fine, coolContinue reading “Back Blast – 06.28.22 – Planetarium @ Boondocks”

Pre-Blast: 06.28.22 – Boondocks – Kitty Litter Q

Love dem ‘Boonies! I’ve been an occasional guest out Yander, but may have only Q’d the AO once. We’ll have perfect weather, fully-committed Pax, and nothing easy going on. Don’t delay!…Set alarms, mark calendars, promise the man you shave with that 0530 Tuesday you’re committed to getting fitter. We’ll have some fun stuff, new stuff,Continue reading “Pre-Blast: 06.28.22 – Boondocks – Kitty Litter Q”

Back-Blast 06.20.22 The Patriot (Kitty Litter “R” Q)

I had this Q on my calendar for a couple months, knowing that “never miss a Monday” would converge with the day I planned on completing my first (of two) five-decade blocks of life. The Patriot AO, and all those HIM who frequent the joint, provided the perfect venue to assure my foot would remainContinue reading “Back-Blast 06.20.22 The Patriot (Kitty Litter “R” Q)”

Pre-Blast 06.20.22 – The Patriot – Kitty Litter Q

When typing the title above, I started typing “06.20.72”, as I’ve become accustomed to writing that date on countless forms & applications over the years. We’re told to “respect” our elders, and that’s generally pretty good advice–honoring those who have come before us, for their sacrifices and (sometimes) wisdom. But when I see F3 menContinue reading “Pre-Blast 06.20.22 – The Patriot – Kitty Litter Q”

Back-Blast 06.10.22: Chopper at The Vets (Kitty Litter Q)

The opportunity to Q out at the Vets came up earlier this week when Worm reached out about this Friday’s (today’s) opening. I was mildly interested…and then learned he was out of town. “SOLD!” JK. Worm’s a stand-up guy and Vets is lucky to have him. Next time I’ll bring the heat to a fewContinue reading “Back-Blast 06.10.22: Chopper at The Vets (Kitty Litter Q)”

Pre-Blast 6/10/22: Chopper @ Vets – Kitty Litter Q

When @Worm reached out to secure a Q for tomorrow’s Chopper WO, I jumped at the opportunity to serve this legendary F3 hallowed ground (the last time I was out there, I clumsily & shamefully trampled on the Vets’ Seal after COT!…ouch!). This is my VVQ, or Virgin Vets Q, so I’ll have to bringContinue reading “Pre-Blast 6/10/22: Chopper @ Vets – Kitty Litter Q”

BB – 06.08.22 – BO at Abyss (Kitty Litter Q)

I had planned on sticking around the home-gym for this morning’s workout, but then Mr Hat had DM’d a few Abyss regulars to see about getting together for a BO. Often, I find a certain peaceful tranquility–a refreshing introspective solitude–when working out alone. But there’s almost nothing I’d rather do solo (bike, run, lift, monkeyContinue reading “BB – 06.08.22 – BO at Abyss (Kitty Litter Q)”

PB 03.29.22 – El “O” – Kitty Litter Q

I’m excited to get back out to the O tomorrow. Back in my 20’s, when I lived near there, those near-east parks were a staple in my fitness game. Now, with F3, it’s all coming Full-Circle (see how I did that…puns intended with a triple entendre: “O” being a circle, Seneca Park making a loop,Continue reading “PB 03.29.22 – El “O” – Kitty Litter Q”

Pre-Blast 03.26.22 – The Hurt @ The Mutt – Kitty Litter Q

I was considering that age-old philosophical question about a tree falling in the forest…and would anybody “hear” it if nobody was around? Well, since I had only heard of the Mutt, and the wild pack of Mutt’rs who dwelt there–but haven’t actually seen a Mutt’r outside his natural habit, I was inspired to do aContinue reading “Pre-Blast 03.26.22 – The Hurt @ The Mutt – Kitty Litter Q”

PB-03.23.22-The Bridge @ Poshland-Kitty Litter Q

I’m looking forward to my first Q at Posh! Years ago, and soon after they finished installing this WO’s namesake, “The Bridge”, me and my M would squeeze around the temporary fencing in front of the bridge to explore the “new” Parklands section yet to be opened. Loved it then and love it now. It’sContinue reading “PB-03.23.22-The Bridge @ Poshland-Kitty Litter Q”

BB 03.09.22 – Patriot – Kitty Litter Q

We had a solid group of 11 show up, which was good given what looked like rain/snow conditions at 0500. Somehow the precipitation let up and that wasn’t even an issue. After some light banter and some even lighter COP stretching & warming up, we jogged our coupons to what I call “Big Lot”. DroppedContinue reading “BB 03.09.22 – Patriot – Kitty Litter Q”

Pre-Blast 03.09.22 The Range at The Patriot: Kitty Litter Q

Tomorrow morning’s the day when we’ll have enough Pax at The Esteemed Patriot to physically pick up and move that sad-looking courthouse that’s up on jack-stilts. We’ll call it the Community Coupon, and if we have 30+ (and a few FNGs) we can do a giant Murder-Bunny, nay, a Murder-Elephant while getting as jacked asContinue reading “Pre-Blast 03.09.22 The Range at The Patriot: Kitty Litter Q”

Back-Blast 01.24.22 Motivator @ Abyss – Kitty Litter Q

Four pax showed up and exited cars at 0529…savoring every last drop of pre-post heat. After a brief set of greetings (and some mild mumble-whining about the temps), off we went. Took a short mosey down to the boat ramp to make sure the lake was still there. Did some light SSHs, easy stretching, andContinue reading “Back-Blast 01.24.22 Motivator @ Abyss – Kitty Litter Q”

BB – 01.13.22 – Agony @ County – Kitty Litter Q

Had a six-pax (plus one Q) show up. Also a few F3 runners who show up…then gone like the wind. Opening disclosures and off to mosey for a “County-Tour” warm up. Along the way, we made pit-stops for COP (SSH, Grass-grabbers), 10 BOYOS, Turkish Get-Ups, Copperhead Squats, Dips, ‘Merkins, and some other stuff. Main Thang:Continue reading “BB – 01.13.22 – Agony @ County – Kitty Litter Q”

Pre-Blast 01.13.21 – Agony @ The County – Kitty Litter Q

Got a great full-body + cardio + core workout ready for the County Boys. You’ll need coupons in hand by 5:30 sharp, so YHC can demonstrate how little of a professional he really is. And showing up with a good attitude won’t hurt (because YHC gonna give you a “case of the Mondays” on aContinue reading “Pre-Blast 01.13.21 – Agony @ The County – Kitty Litter Q”

BB Abyss – 01.12.22 – Kitty Litter Q

It was a fine morning in the gloom. Just 3 Pax (YHC, Flip Flop, F-Stop) circled up for hearing the “I’m not a pro” intro, then off we went down to the boat ramp. Sidebar: Is there another AO that can do BOYOs and also commission watercraft? Thought not. Anyway, we dropped for 10 BOYOs,Continue reading “BB Abyss – 01.12.22 – Kitty Litter Q”

Pre-Blast 01.12.22 – Escalator @ The Abyss – Kitty Litter Q

This mid-week, Iron-Horse-stat-padding, full-body, soul-crushing workout promises to have you looking at your watch frequently. (…i.e. “I can’t believe it’s only been 14 minutes!”). Your coupon will be your security blanket in the gloom, which I’m told won’t be as gloomy…with downright balmy temperatures. This should be a good one to visit, and a goodContinue reading “Pre-Blast 01.12.22 – Escalator @ The Abyss – Kitty Litter Q”

Pre-Blast 12.13.21-Minuteman@Patriot – Kitty Litter & Ruby Mash-Up

Here’s what’s going down: A mashup dubbed “Ritty Luby” or “Kuby Ritter” or ….well, it’s really not that important. What is important is the work. First, your upper-body will be worked until it feels like your legs got a decent workout…then your legs will receive the Hurt-Implant until you wished we were still working theContinue reading “Pre-Blast 12.13.21-Minuteman@Patriot – Kitty Litter & Ruby Mash-Up”

PB-12.1.21-Escalator @ TheAbyss-KittyLitterQ

Niiiice & Easssy! This won’t be the kind of workout FNGs would need to see, if the goal was to show them a full-throttle inaugural F3 beatdown. In fact, it’ll be somewhat relaxing, pleasant, and soothing. For those looking for a light “active recovery” day (or for those resting up for a weekend endurance event),Continue reading “PB-12.1.21-Escalator @ TheAbyss-KittyLitterQ”

Back Blast – 11.20.21 – Ruiner at The O – Kitty Litter Q

A beautiful morning to sleep in, before a little 0700 blood pumping out at the O-riginal. Thanks to @harrycaray for inviting me out…only my 2nd time at that fine AO, with the fine F3 men who make it right. We got the ball rolling with a little stretching: SSH, XC Skis, Grass-Grabbers, and arm loosening.Continue reading “Back Blast – 11.20.21 – Ruiner at The O – Kitty Litter Q”

Pre-Blast 11.20.21 / 0700 to 0800- The Ruiner @ The O – Kitty Litter = Q

Ahhh, sleeping in feels nice. But not as nice as you’ll feel after a full-body effort at the O. Admit it: You’ve never regretted a workout. This will be no different. Bring a coupon or something heavy, and we’re in the season where a gloves-reminder isn’t really necessary. But bring ’em and let’s rock outContinue reading “Pre-Blast 11.20.21 / 0700 to 0800- The Ruiner @ The O – Kitty Litter = Q”

Pre-Blast 11.10.21 – 5:30a Foundry @ The County – Kitty Litter Q

The good news is that many of us are doing the Chad 1000 @ Vets on Thursday, so this “Heavy” workout will not involve much lower-body stuff (a “recovery day” for legs). Which, of course, means that those abs, pecs, lats, delts, biceps, and whatever else sits north of the belt-line will need to feelContinue reading “Pre-Blast 11.10.21 – 5:30a Foundry @ The County – Kitty Litter Q”


Well, we may have all showed up at the Abyss with forearms looking like praying mantises (praying manti?)…but we left looking rather Popeye-swole. The culprit, turns out, was a simple Thang: Partner Uno started a two-coupon farmer carry whilst the “left behind” partner did a series of 20 ‘Merkins + 20 Ninos Grandes (big boys),Continue reading “BB-11.08.21-Motivator@Abyss-KittyLitterQ”

Pre-Blast Motivator @ The Abyss 11.08.21 – 0500 hrs Kitty Litter Q

Be back at home sipping coffee while other AO Pax are still mid-way through their Thangs! We’ll plan on a bit of coupon work, core strengthening, mosey-fun, and of course “2nd F” mumblechatter to get the lowdown on our brothers’ weekend activities. Grab that FNG who needs to know how to start a week offContinue reading “Pre-Blast Motivator @ The Abyss 11.08.21 – 0500 hrs Kitty Litter Q”

BB 10.30.21 Nest @ County – Kitty Litter Q

Five hardcore Pax proved that deez HIMs don’t have WWW Syndrome (we don’t melt like Wicked Witch West when there’s a little precipitation in the air). Got after it under the portico with some loud tunes and partnering. Somewhat of a modified DORA/AMRAP. Set 1 – one partner farmer-carried coupon whilst “dry” partner did Sadies.Continue reading “BB 10.30.21 Nest @ County – Kitty Litter Q”

BB-10/11/21-Minuteman @ Patriot -KittyLitter Q

Good turnout for the Monday WO, making me optimistic about the Paxs’ momentum going into the rest of the week. We worked as a team, carrying a bloated (55-lb) “golden coupon” (a solid concrete 1970’s-style coffee table leg) and a 45-lb box of –you guessed it– kitty litter up and down Heartbreak Hill. Everyone gotContinue reading “BB-10/11/21-Minuteman @ Patriot -KittyLitter Q”

PB – Minuteman @ The Patriot: 10.11.21 – 0530hrs – Kitty Litter Q

The bad news is that my biceps are a bit sore (over-swole?) from the avalanche of coupon curls over the past couple weeks. The good news is that I plan to take all my frustration out on my core, my legs, and my heart! Join us Monday to start your work-week off RIGHT (i.e. fromContinue reading “PB – Minuteman @ The Patriot: 10.11.21 – 0530hrs – Kitty Litter Q”