Pre-Blast 11/4/22 – Chop-Ya-Up at Vets (Kitty Litter Q)

Friday at Vets will be mildly-to-moderately awful (read: challenging). You know when the Dentist says (i.e. lies) that “you might feel a bit of pressure”…or “you’ll notice a slight pinch”? Yeah, well, that! Only on this one, Kitty Litter promises that you’ll be a better HIM by 0615…AND get to keep all your teeth in (unless you lose your grip on El Coupono). Weather will be perfect for a workout. Okay, honestly, I haven’t checked the weather…but it’s always perfect for an F3 workout. Bring: Coupon (block, sandbag, weighted rucksack, bag of kitty litter, or box of clumping litter), FNG(s), can-do-attitude. SYITG. –KL–

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