11/03/22 Back Blast – The Big Kapowski – Slide Rule Q

Had a good showing at Bayside this morning. We had optimal temperatures. You don’t appreciate this weather until it is the dead of winter or summer’s heat is at it peak. After arriving at 5:30 am on the dot I began to give the disclaimer followed by a mosey to softer ground at the play group out back.COP was just 20 SSH (IC), and 10 Merkins and, 20 Mountain climbers.

The Thang: Used Training Curicullar 87 as a basis for the Q. Each exercises was done counting cadence with quantities of 15 or 20 reps depending on the intensity of the exercise and time each took. They are as follows: The High Jumper, Burpee, Squat Bender, Rowing Exercises, Pushups, Situps,Side Bender,Bank Twist, Squat jump,Trunk Twister, Straddle pullups, Mountain climber, wood chopper, and the Bridge. After these we did a short lap in the playground including leap frog back to the original circle. After this a lightning round was done with 5 reps for most exercises. We then moseyed to the flag.

COT: Lifted up Al Gore, Borland’s friend, Birdie for travels. Announced @Friendly Fire has his VQ on 11/10/22. Cheers, -Slide Rule

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