Back Blast – BO Run Tom Sawyer – 06/08/2022

I pulled into an empty parking lot and found a Slack DM to myself and Jewel from Captain Crunchberry. “While you all are sleeping, I’m fighting crime and protecting the citizens of Gotham…” not a direct quote but something similar with much grandstanding. But Captain being Captain, he also included his weinke for the BO Run with two options: distance or speed. Jewel pulled in shortly after me (followed by Big Bird, Backflop, and Huggies, in no particiular order) and suggested we do the distance option. All agreed.

We ran. Smelled a skunk. Jewel and Huggies saw said skunk putting on the 9th green at Indian Springs. We stretched. All got better.

Thanks to Captain Crunchberry and all the first responders that work to keep us safe -even when we’re asleep.

Virginia Slims

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