Backblast 6/8/22 – Poshland w/ Lambeau

11 HIMs showed up and put in some work. We had quite the circus with 2, count em, 2 PAX popping a squat in nature’s restroom. If it’s called spilling merlot, not sure what we call dropping a deuce in the gloom. Also Bob Ross got eaten alive by aunts, but still crushed the workout.


Warm up + 1min of as many hand release merkins as you can

Double 11s – Thrusters and Curls on one end, and Burpees and T- Merkins on the other

Jack Webb – Weighted Squats on the +4, and Merkins on the +1. We made it all the way to 40/10 together.

Rounded the morning off with some Fit4Mom inspired exercises, J-Los + Crab Jacks, but finished it off right with Pickle Pounders.


Jimmy Neutron, Bob Ross, Leno (R), Lady Bird (R), Bacon, Tudors, Double Entry, Pizza, Methane, Edward Scissorhands, Lambeau (Q)

Great work by all!

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