BB: 9/14/21 – BoW @ the O

Weather: Sticky, mid-70s. Summer just not yet giving into fall.

Pax: Tron, Sweat Shop, Harry Caray, Handbook, Jitterbug (R ), Pork Chop, Russdiculous, Fergie (Q)

COP: As has become my “thing” at the O, we do our COP on the move. One lap (1 mi) with stops to do some warm-up exercises. Sorry, Tron, there’s the fine print. Today, 3 stops for SSHs, Grass Grabbers, Tempo Merkins, and some other stuff.

Today was mostly you against you and how much you could accomplish in the ladder below. Start with 5 reps. Run sideline to sideline, down and back, on the tennis courts (4 courts wide). Repeat 5, add 10. Run. And so on.

5 – Man Makers10 – 4 cnt Imperial Squat Walkers

15 – T-Merkins

20 – Coupon Squat Thrusters

25 – Coupon Squats

30 – Coupon Flutter Kicks

35 – Coupon Presses

40 – Bi-cep Curls

45 – Bent over rows

50 – BBSUs

Of course, we all finished, went up the ladder and then back down…thrice. Beasts.

CoR, NoR, Announcements and Intentions.

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