8/31/21 BB: BoW @ the O

Weather: 70 degrees, 95% humidity

Pax (7): Handbook, Harry Caray, Alfalfa, Russdiculous, McAfee, Sump Pump (R ), Fergie (Q)

The PB called this a run smedium, which was a hedge in the event we had lightening and needed to find some cover. As it was, no rain or lightening and it became a run smheavy.

COP: Running COP – lite NA run around the O with stops for SSHs, stretching and grass grabbers.

We started at Cogan’s half pipe – We did 4 rounds of exercises at the tops of hills 1 and 2, and at the bottom each time (running between). We started at 5 gorilla squats – 1 burpee – 5 merkins – 1 burpee and doubled until our last round of 40-8-40-8.

We moseyed to the tennis courts with our last 15 for latter suicides. Working across the 4 tennis courts, we stopped at the far sideline of each of the 4 in a similar pattern to before. Court 1 side to side was a bear crawl to the other side for 5 BBSUs, bernie back for 5 5 merkins. Bear crawl to the far side of court 2 for 10 BBSUs, bernie back to start for 10 merkins. Repeat for courts 3 (20 reps) and 4 (40 reps).

We closed with around 5 minutes of mary.

NoR, CoR, Announcements & intentions – Be on the look-out for a McAfee planned ruck event honoring 9/11 (to occur on 9/10 or 9/11). Also, prayers for Sump’s parents traveling today for safe transit and arrival.

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