BB – 08.26.2021 – Honey Do – Q school at the Moonshiner

Day four of Q school kicked off at 0530 in The Boondocks @ Peggy Baker Park. Forecast was spot on, weatherman got lucky, very slight breeze just under 73f and a big bright moon for light. To be honest, I failed from the begin on this one, not remembering to announce who I am, Buckshot one of the newest PAX would later say during the mosey “I guess you’re the lead today” (Crap… Yes! I am). Rewind to the begin, 0529, 1 min… 0530, Welcome to day 4 Q school! Disclaimer given (no FNG’s present), a brief teaser for the WO provided with a follow-up… Nothing to fancy today be sure to ask question if you’re not sure about anything called out.

PAX – Swag, Holly Roller(R), Cochran, FlexSeal, Bulletin(R), Virginia Slim, Jitterbug(R), Buck Shot, Lambeau, Honey Do (Q)

COP – Mosey (Buck Shot reminder to announce who YHC as Q), SSH, Grass grabbers, DD, Mount climbers. Pop quiz was given on F3 – 5 core principles, all students passed.  

Thang1: Jack Web – Grab Coupon carry 100yards to 1st sidewalk rifle carry to next sidewalk 100yards. Jack Webb 1 Squat/4 curls, increasing by 1squat and 4curls each time to 10squats / 40 curls.

Thang 2: Dora – partner up (P1 runs back to sidewalk, P2 completes reps): 100 Merkins, 150 lunges, 200 Air press.

About 8 mins left Pax moved back top of parking lot and completed 4 mins of Merry.

CORA, NORA, Announcements, Intentions.  

Always a pleasure – Honey Do

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