BB – Loco @ the County – 12/29/2020

Honey Do 2020 count down list. It was a jittery start, having set two alarms and snoozing the 1st the race was on to arrive in time to setup Honey Do’s neatly organized wienkie on a cardboard box in the parking. Having arrived @ 5:25:00 to a clean parking lot, wienkie on a box wasContinue reading “BB – Loco @ the County – 12/29/2020”

BB – Inferno @ The Station 9.3.2020 – Honey Do (VQ)

Epic morning Thursday @ The Station, 10 pax braved buckets of hailing rain delivered from the sky above….  Captain Crunchberry lead the attendance with flags in hand, Hush Puppy nicely backed in his truck “doggy style” with his head out the window, Pelican and Jolly Ranch rolled in, a brief comment was made about PelicanContinue reading “BB – Inferno @ The Station 9.3.2020 – Honey Do (VQ)”