Preblast – The Loco @ The County – 1/24/2023 – Co Q’s

Double the fun! Double the reward! At the Count, Honey Do will kick it off with a warm up set of some lower & upper body with a mix of running. At the half mark, The Main Event Holly Roller steps in fresh off a flight from the west coast. His weinke might be scribbledContinue reading “Preblast – The Loco @ The County – 1/24/2023 – Co Q’s”

BB – 11.22.22 – Planetarium @ Boondocks

Da Bomb at the Boondocks 10 came out for the pre-Thanksgiving festivities at the Boondocks.  Thanks Bulletin (r), Honey Do, Abacus, Focker, Yankovich (r), Kitty Litter (r), Back Flop, Meter Maid, Dauber and your Q, Little Jerry.  You guys are Da Bomb and came out for Da Bomb. The WO…  Warm up.  Run a lap. Continue reading “BB – 11.22.22 – Planetarium @ Boondocks”

BB – 8.16.2022 – Planetarium at the Boondocks.

Fantastic morning to be in the Boondocks. Solid weather and solid group of PAX, funny how every post has a solid group of Pax. This Pax consisted of Focker, Backflop, Dot, Virginia Slims, Honey Do (Q). The planned weinke was in hand and ready to roll. However, reading the pax faces, I could tell weContinue reading “BB – 8.16.2022 – Planetarium at the Boondocks.”

BB – 7.13.2022 – Avenger at the Patriot

The morning started off pleasant with cooler temps hovering in the low 60’s, a nice change. The Pax circled up under the watchfully eye of Colonel William Oldham in total 7 Pax Focker, Holly Roller(R), Honey Comb, Single Source, Mannequin, Ferb, Honey Do(Q). Mumblechatter was pleasant as YHC provided the standard disclaimer with several pausesContinue reading “BB – 7.13.2022 – Avenger at the Patriot”

PB – 8.13.2022 – The Avenger at the Patriot – Honey Do

HIMS of the Patriot and beyond. Tomorrow, we have the high privilege of joining those that dare to step ITG. So I ask. Will that be you? Will you wake up? Will you brush? Are you prepared to challenge yourself and the Man standing beside you? Answer Yes! The Honey Do list: Stations work focusingContinue reading “PB – 8.13.2022 – The Avenger at the Patriot – Honey Do”

BB – 7.20.2022 – Tom Sawyer – BO – Run

It was a hot steamy morning in the gloom, temp in the high 70’s, with that said the sweltering heat was not going to slow these PAX: E-Z Pass, Nat Geo (R), DeVitto, Abacus, Jewel, Little Jerry (R), Cable Guy, Air Raid (R), Patty, Honey Do. Disclaimer followed by 2mins of stretching. Warm up: 2Continue reading “BB – 7.20.2022 – Tom Sawyer – BO – Run”

BB – 05.12.2022 – BO Goshen 

The sky Q really set the morning up for success, perfect weather, perfect number of PAX, FNGs, and one extremely bright parking lot(seriously Flexseal, you need to request dimmer switches installed on those lights)… As the Pax rolled in, I heard some chatter about the new parking arrangement, based on the chatter it’s a goodContinue reading “BB – 05.12.2022 – BO Goshen “

PreBlast – Thursday 5.12.2022 – BO – Goshen – St Johns

Y’all this Goshen thang is taking off like gasoline on fire. Sure to be, the last one day a week, join the movement in Goshen tomorrow and bring an FNG. This will be a full body burner, guaranteed to make you fill accomplished by 0615. Weather will be dialed in at a perfect 61 degrees!Continue reading “PreBlast – Thursday 5.12.2022 – BO – Goshen – St Johns”

BB – 2.23.2022 – The Foundry at The County

The Heavy at the county is a great way to slow the pace, focus on form and see what’s new with your fellow brothers. PAX in attendance MeterMaid, Dauber, Cochran, Tidwell, BigBird, Brown Water, Honey Do(Q).  First gotta throw out props to BigBird, two weeks prior I tested positive for covid and needed a lastContinue reading “BB – 2.23.2022 – The Foundry at The County”

12.31.21 Backblast: Defender at The Patriot.

PAX: 12 – Focker, Commodore (downrange from Birmingham, AL), Xerox (FNG), Holy Roller(R), Single Source, GMO, Chile Pepper, Shade Tree, Fitbit (R), Yankovic (R), Hightower, Honey Do(Q) Weather: Dry and unseasonable warm for the last day of the year 50 deg F. Disclaimer / FNG YHC is not a professional, nor has he received anyContinue reading “12.31.21 Backblast: Defender at The Patriot.”

12.31.2021 PB: The Defender @ The Patriot

Tomorrow 0530 on the Eve of the New Year, join us at The Patriot to close out the 2021 year. I’m bringing some of my favorite exercises from 2021 and we all know the coined term… “last one best one”, so bring that attitude, a friend and, a coupon to end the year on theContinue reading “12.31.2021 PB: The Defender @ The Patriot”

PB – 12.13.2021 – The Incubator at Posh – Mash up – Edward Scissorhands / Honey Do

Come start the week off ITG with a mashup Q courtesy of Edward Scissorhands & Honey Do. Yup, you read that right, it might be cold outside but there is still plenty of yard work on the list to get completed. Tell Alexa to set the alarm, wake up, slip on that warm gear, laceContinue reading “PB – 12.13.2021 – The Incubator at Posh – Mash up – Edward Scissorhands / Honey Do”

Back blast – 12.7.2021 The Loco at The County

#PupDaddy strong this morning with 29 at the Loco and many more ITG wearing Blue to love and support our brother Hush Puppy after the loss of his Father aka “Big Tom” aka “Pup Daddy”. PAX Hush Puppy, Pelican, Bulletin (R), Cratchit, Sputnik, Focker, Jolly Rancher, Devitto, Meter Maid, Crock Pot, Viking, Valdez, Fungi, DoubleContinue reading “Back blast – 12.7.2021 The Loco at The County”

PB – 12.7.2021 – The Loco at The County

First order of business, wear blue tomorrow as a sign of support for our brother Hush Puppy whos father passed early this morning. Love you brother, we’re here for you! Second, Temps are falling and weather person is calling for a chance of snow with much cooler temps than 60 degrees, a chilly 24 degreeContinue reading “PB – 12.7.2021 – The Loco at The County”