BB – 09.03.2021 – Defender at The Patriot

Its Friday! The weekend is near, the weather is perfect, and Monday is a Holiday.  YHC was feeling a little sluggish after a night of sleeping with a kid, that sluggishness dissipated quickly as the PAX arrived: Swag, Focker, Shade Tree, Boss Hog(R), Yankovic(R), Ruby(R), Colonel Kink, Honey Do(Q). The weinkie was designed to minimizingContinue reading “BB – 09.03.2021 – Defender at The Patriot”

BB – 08.26.2021 – Honey Do – Q school at the Moonshiner

Day four of Q school kicked off at 0530 in The Boondocks @ Peggy Baker Park. Forecast was spot on, weatherman got lucky, very slight breeze just under 73f and a big bright moon for light. To be honest, I failed from the begin on this one, not remembering to announce who I am, BuckshotContinue reading “BB – 08.26.2021 – Honey Do – Q school at the Moonshiner”

PB – 08.26.2021 – Honey Do – Q school at the Moonshiner

Day four installment of Q school kicks off at 0530 in The Boondocks @ Peggy Baker Park. Forecast: No rain, weather 73, beautiful morning. This is one of many last chances this week to prepare for the big exam. You don’t want to fail, do you? Bring your favorite weight of choice (coupon, ruck, curlingContinue reading “PB – 08.26.2021 – Honey Do – Q school at the Moonshiner”

BB – 08.09.2021 – Minuteman at The Patriot

The La Grange courthouse was lights out, fenced up, but ol Colonel William Oldham was still standing strong. That’s where we meet Yankovic (R), Focker, Holly Roller (R), Air Raid (R), Ruby (R), Captain Crunchberry, Virginia Slims, Shade Tree, Deputy Dog (FNG), Honey Do (Q). The weather was warm, and the air was thick, IContinue reading “BB – 08.09.2021 – Minuteman at The Patriot”

BB – 08.07.2021 – The Nest at The County.

Weather 70ish degrees and a bit on the warm side, 8PAX slowly exited their cars 2PAX finished a 6mile run and began to circle at the basketball court near the single blue bench. A few mins before 0700 Rob(FNG) introduced himself. Rob a transplant from SC, HL’d by Hot Tamale who fartsacked just to makeContinue reading “BB – 08.07.2021 – The Nest at The County.”

BB – The Planetarium at the Boondocks 06.22.2021

It was a beautiful start to the morning today, and no place I’d rather be then with PAX, Lambeau, Time Share, Holy Roller (R), Viking, Dauber, Bulletin (R), Flex Seal, Le Pew, Yankovic, Abacus, Backflop, meter Maid, Boss Hog (R), Honey Do (Q). Like most mornings, the buzzer went off on my phone and IContinue reading “BB – The Planetarium at the Boondocks 06.22.2021”

BB – 5/19/2021 – Foundry at The County

Designated the Heavy day at the county, and not wanted to disappoint. Honey Do created the Heavy Do list! Attempting to keep it simple, Honey Do listed out a bunch of his favorite exercises, mashed them together and provide ample time for each one to suck. PAX: Holly Roller(R), Yankovic(R), Air Raid(R), Asian Zing(R), Lambeau,Continue reading “BB – 5/19/2021 – Foundry at The County”

BB – 5/4/2021 – The Planetarium at The Boondocks

PAX Backflop, Holly Roller (R),Bulletin (R), Cochran, Swag, Outhouse (FNG), Aerobie (R), Verbal, LePew, Lambeau, Nan Moore, Flexseal, Yankovic (R), Honey Do(Q). I announced the time 5:30am and welcomed FNG head locked by Nan Moore. The disclosure was given, and we started out on a .37mile mosey on the walking path. As the PAX regrouped,Continue reading “BB – 5/4/2021 – The Planetarium at The Boondocks”

BB – The Nest @ The County – 04/17/2021

It’s hard to argue. The weather and timing of sunrise at this time of year is some of the best for getting out to the gloom. Which is exactly what HIMs did at the County this past Saturday. There were 2 pre Nest opportunities. 0600 prenest ruck approx 3.2 miles 0620 prenest run approx 3.0Continue reading “BB – The Nest @ The County – 04/17/2021”

BB – Loco @ the County – 12/29/2020

Honey Do 2020 count down list. It was a jittery start, having set two alarms and snoozing the 1st the race was on to arrive in time to setup Honey Do’s neatly organized wienkie on a cardboard box in the parking. Having arrived @ 5:25:00 to a clean parking lot, wienkie on a box wasContinue reading “BB – Loco @ the County – 12/29/2020”

BB – Inferno @ The Station 9.3.2020 – Honey Do (VQ)

Epic morning Thursday @ The Station, 10 pax braved buckets of hailing rain delivered from the sky above….  Captain Crunchberry lead the attendance with flags in hand, Hush Puppy nicely backed in his truck “doggy style” with his head out the window, Pelican and Jolly Ranch rolled in, a brief comment was made about PelicanContinue reading “BB – Inferno @ The Station 9.3.2020 – Honey Do (VQ)”