BB – 7.20.2022 – Tom Sawyer – BO – Run

It was a hot steamy morning in the gloom, temp in the high 70’s, with that said the sweltering heat was not going to slow these PAX: E-Z Pass, Nat Geo (R), DeVitto, Abacus, Jewel, Little Jerry (R), Cable Guy, Air Raid (R), Patty, Honey Do.

Disclaimer followed by 2mins of stretching.

Warm up: 2 laps around perimeter of main parking lot approximately .41 miles per lap.

The Thang: Speed work, consisting of 5 to 6, 400 yard repeats which ended up closer to 500yd repeats. Gold star to Abacus for accurately tracking his intervals staying true to the 400yrds. After each 500yrd sprint, jog 500 yd, rinse and repeat until 5 intervals were complete, some got 6.

Cool down: 1 lap around perimeter of main parking lot.

Stretching: 2 mins and time called. Final milage just north of 4.5 miles. Awesome Work All!

COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions. Honey Do (Q)

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