BB – 7.13.2022 – Avenger at the Patriot

The morning started off pleasant with cooler temps hovering in the low 60’s, a nice change. The Pax circled up under the watchfully eye of Colonel William Oldham in total 7 Pax Focker, Holly Roller(R), Honey Comb, Single Source, Mannequin, Ferb, Honey Do(Q). Mumblechatter was pleasant as YHC provided the standard disclaimer with several pauses so the chatter would continue to flow.  Next we took a mosey around the court house followed by SSH, Toy Soldiers, Hill Billies, DD and, Michael Phelps.

Thang 1: EMOM – 1 x 5mins: 5 burpees, 10 rows, 15 curls. Lap around court house.

Thang 2: Dora – 50 Thruster, 100 coupon squats, 150 lunges, 200 calf raises. Pax 1 runs 25yrds completes 1 SSH returns and completes 1 Manmaker(each runner adds 1 SSH and Manmaker before continuing). The PAX all worked hard in total YHC made it to 9 SSH and 9 Manmakers before all work was completed.

Thang 3: Core work back under CWO Statue, 25 Flutterkicks with each pax calling out. YHC went 1st then Focker called 25, then Mannequin wanted to add his flare with a twist of the legs, to be honest YHC had never done it this way and it was harder, next Honey Comb added his flare which was the longest 30 second side plank (30 IC) so more like 120 seconds, finished up the circle and that was it for core. We added in some shoulders and finished with 1:30 min of manmakers. 

Announcements: “Man in the Arena” September 17th, Focker will be running his much anticipated Capture the flag ruck again later this year (more to come) with campout option.

Awesome morning! The pleasure was all mine to spend time with these great men and youth at the patriot. Honey Do

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