BB – 8.16.2022 – Planetarium at the Boondocks.

Fantastic morning to be in the Boondocks. Solid weather and solid group of PAX, funny how every post has a solid group of Pax. This Pax consisted of Focker, Backflop, Dot, Virginia Slims, Honey Do (Q). The planned weinke was in hand and ready to roll. However, reading the pax faces, I could tell we needed something else, something more enjoyable. Audible was called and we took off on a short mosey followed by DD. Now feeling nice and limber we took off to Heritage Hills. Mumblechatter was great and at times low as we pressed up and down the rolling cul-de-sacs in the neighborhood. After 4 miles in the books at 8:29 pace we finished with a short walk and runner stretches.

Announcements: Focker has the monthly Ruck in Oct. details to come

Intentions: Backflop shared story about William Drennan, 37 of Memphis TN. Passed after helping to save the life of a young boy. Definitely a HERO! Touching storying to read.

Honey Do – Q

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