BB – 11.22.22 – Planetarium @ Boondocks

Da Bomb at the Boondocks

10 came out for the pre-Thanksgiving festivities at the Boondocks.  Thanks Bulletin (r), Honey Do, Abacus, Focker, Yankovich (r), Kitty Litter (r), Back Flop, Meter Maid, Dauber and your Q, Little Jerry.  You guys are Da Bomb and came out for Da Bomb.

The WO…  Warm up.  Run a lap.  Merkin Bomb (55 Merkins and 220 Air presses).  Run a lap.  Elevator Bomb (55 Elevators and 220 LBC’s).  Run a lap.  Big Boy Bomb (55 BB’s and (I don’t know what to call them but somebody volunteered that it was some Alabama sex position).  Run a lap.  Carolina Drydock Bomb (55 Carolina Drydock’s and 220 Bear Crawls).  Run a lap.

Little Jerry

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