5/18/21 – BoW @ the O

Weather: mid-60s, but humid. Definitely got a sweat going this am.

Pax (16): Handbook, Klopek, Pork Chop, Flo Jo, Harry Carey, Sump Pump, Spider (DR, R), Biscuit (DR), Violet, Russdiculous, Motor Boat, No Nuts, Gringo, Sticker Boy, Silver Dollar, Fergie (Q)

COT: When at the O, I like to use the 1 mi O loop for our warm-up. With 15 PAX, 2 from Down Range, we set off on a jog, adding Pork Chop along the way for a total of 16. With a larger group, we made 3 stops along the mile for: SSH * 30, Grass Grabbers *15, merkins, toy soldiers and downward dog and settlement of the long standing debate. Pork Chop was wrong.  We landed back at the tennis courts for the one and only thang.

Thang 1: DORA. During the disclaimer, I gave the heads-up that due to a later night of work, this was not going to be pretty basic. Hard to be more basic than DORA. I had a loose plan, which was thrown aside as one PAX (ahem, Sump Pump) felt the original plan was “too hard”. What we did as partners:

50 manmakers

25 LRC merkins, for a total of 100 merkins

100 Imperial Squat Walkers

200 Coupon Curls

We used our last 5 minutes for 25 BBSUs, 15 coupon flutter kicks, 10 BBSUs and 3 burpees.

COP – We closed with CoR, NoR. Intentions were given for a co-worker, and a reminder to be safe and smart when out, consuming alcohol and potentially getting behind the wheel.

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