8/21/20: BB – Chopper @ the Vet

Weather: High 60s / Low 70s, dry but humid conditions

Pax: Sweat Shop, No Nuts, Bunghole, PK, Greenwich, Tony Malito, Meatball, Valdez, Airplane, Fergie (Q)

COP – SSH, Tempo Merkins, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers & some runner’s stretching

The one and only thang – Man making 11s

Using the larger parking lot, lining up with running lanes ~50 yards, we did man making 11s. That is;

Start –

10 deconstructed merkins (10 coupon merkins, 10 coupon groiners, 10 coupon curls, 10 coupon squat thrusters)

Coupon run to the other end

1 man maker

Run back to start with your coupon and repeat 9/2, 8/3 and so on.

All in, that is 55 man-makers and 55 deconstructed man-makers (220 reps in total for those).

We returned to the memorial, and closed with 5-7 minutes of mary. There was also a fierce competition between Meatball and Sweat Shop as to who can emit more gas during a round of gas pumps. The loser, was me, positioned directly in between them

CoR, NoR, CoT and distanced – BoM

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