9/28/21: BB – BoW @ the O

Weather: high 60s

Pax: Harry Caray, Sump Pump (R ), Part B, Handbook, Russdiculous, Pork Chop, Motorboat, Jolly Rancher, Sweat Shop, Fergie (Q)

COP: Short lap and the usual (SSH, Grass Grabber, Runner’s Stretch, etc)

Thang 1: Man-maker 11s

We did 11s on the tennis courts. Side 1 was a deconstructed man-maker (so, first round was 10 groiners, 10 merkins, 10 coupon squats, 10 coupon curls, 10 overhead presses). We then took our coupon across 2 courts by whatever means chosen (overhead carry, shoulder carry, or coupon run) to do 1 man-maker. We continued through until 1 deconstructed man-maker and 10 man-makers.

We closed with 5-10 minutes of Mary.

COT: CoR, NoR, Announcements, & Intentions

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