IPC Training at The Garden’s Cliffs 8.18.20 BackBlast

Last year for the IronPAXChallenge there were 38 PAX from the Region who registered/participated & I Qd each of the four WOs in which the highest attendance amongst the four was 11. Why? Because the WOs are hard as shit & we ran the WO each week four times. Needless to say despite the higher numbers at The Garden as of late I wasn’t expecting a large turnout because my PreBlast was clear…I’m taking a hard WO & making it even harder both by the exercises & terrain of the site. I admit, we got started later than I’d planned due to the large number of PAX to attend…

Weather: 65 degrees with 98% humidity, but it felt like 120%

Gearlander: Neon Yellow hat, Assorted Neon Colors Paint Splot tank, Black shorts, & some Black/Grey ASICS.


  1. Catfish
  2. Diane Dukes
  3. Gypsy
  4. Husky (R)
  5. Jolly Rancher
  6. Focker
  7. Natty Lite
  8. Pumpernickel (FNG)
  9. Jumpseat
  10. Holy Roller (R)
  11. Brown Tail (R)
  12. Malpractice
  13. Viking
  14. Speed Bump
  15. Jimmy Neutron
  16. Domino
  17. Iceman (R)
  18. Jitterbug (R)
  19. Nice & Slow
  20. Latex
  21. Minnow
  22. Jewel
  23. Uncle Rico
  24. Wide Right
  25. Nino (QIC)


None…time was too much of a constraint. As I said above, we got started later than expected because of there were 25 PAX & to accurately track the time of each PAX member I had input each of their names & then walk through the two WO options.

Option 1: The Original IPC WO from Week 1 2018

This option didn’t use coupons & your run was a flat loop.

Option 2: Modified Version of the IPC WO from Week 1 2018

This option used coupons & your run included a big hill, your choice of
front or back.

At 0615 I called time got all PAX to stop their WO, regardless of where they were (although during the live IronPAXChallenge we’ll go over the 45 minute time slot if needed) because today was the first day of school (at least for St. Patrick’s) so I wanted to make sure guy could get home.


  • CoR
  • NoR
  • Announcements
  • Intentions

Nino out.

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