Today we kicked off Ghost Q Week leading up to Convergence this Saturday 10.26.19. I look forward to seeing as many PAX as possible this Saturday at Convergence with the details below: WHAT: A full body hour long beat down by 4 different PAX of F3Louisville followed by some quality 2ndF. WHEN: Saturday 10.26.19 fromContinue reading “**CONVERGENCE 10.26.19 PREBLAST**”

Dem County Boyz Still Got “It” 10.1.19 BackBlast

In my PreBlast, I noted how long it’d been since I posted at The County, which is surprising considering how frequently I posted there last year & it’s less than 15 minutes away from my house. Today I shared with the PAX of The County the reason why: I didn’t need to. The County becameContinue reading “Dem County Boyz Still Got “It” 10.1.19 BackBlast”

I’m Coming for Dem County Boyz at the LOCO on 10.1.19 PreBlast

It’s been 275 days since I last Qd & 263 days since I last posted at The County (I’m not counting the BlackOps on 9.21.19 to do Week 3 of the IPC) which is pretty crazy when you consider I’m the one who coined The County PAX as “Dem County Boyz”. Tomorrow, both of thoseContinue reading “I’m Coming for Dem County Boyz at the LOCO on 10.1.19 PreBlast”

The Silo 9.30.19 BackBlast: Beast Mode ON

Let’s face it, the natural tendency of essentially of most (if not all) living things is to take the path of least resistance, the easier way. I love about North Posh because the Site doesn’t give you this option. The terrain essentially forces you into a WO that is more difficult than usual. What madeContinue reading “The Silo 9.30.19 BackBlast: Beast Mode ON”

IronPAXChallenge Week 4 BO at The Posh 9.24.19 BB

The IronPAXChallenge is a very “love-hate” thing…well maybe “like-hate”. Each week for four weeks a different WO is sent out by F3Greenwood to track either an elapsed time or total number of reps. Each week I’d see the WO & think to myself, “Damn, this thing is gonna be a b*^~h” & each week IContinue reading “IronPAXChallenge Week 4 BO at The Posh 9.24.19 BB”

IronPAXChallenge Week 4 BlackOps at The Posh 9.24.19 PreBlast

The end of the 2019 IronPAXChallenge is in sight as we’ll  take on the fourth & final WO tomorrow at The Posh. We’re going to start at 0515 to ensure we’re finished by the regular time of 0615 & we will also meet at a different location (shown below). Here’s the final WO & the linkContinue reading “IronPAXChallenge Week 4 BlackOps at The Posh 9.24.19 PreBlast”

IronPAXChallenge Week 3 BO at The County 9.21.19 BB

Each week of the first two weeks of the IPC I’ve Qd the weekly WO on Tuesday for a couple of reasons…1. Friday is the M’s day to workout & 2. I prefer to get this thing knocked out & not having it looming over my head for the week. However, this week was goingContinue reading “IronPAXChallenge Week 3 BO at The County 9.21.19 BB”

IronPAXChallenge Week 3 BlackOps at The County 9.21.19 PreBlast

The M has been out of town all week so I haven’t been able to post meaning I haven’t been able to complete the Week 3 WO of the IPC…so if you haven’t been able to do take on the 43 minutes of misery below,  but would like to then come meet me at theContinue reading “IronPAXChallenge Week 3 BlackOps at The County 9.21.19 PreBlast”

IronPAXChallenge Week 2 BO at The Posh 9.10.19 BB

I’m typically pretty on top of sending out my BackBlast, but not this one…intentionally. Since the IronPAXChallenge is a competition it was decided by the PAX who participated in the WO on Tuesday not to post our times. Why? Well, because it gives the PAX who participate in the WO on Friday a competitive advantage.Continue reading “IronPAXChallenge Week 2 BO at The Posh 9.10.19 BB”

IronPAXChallenge Week 2 BlackOps at The Posh 9.10.19 PreBlast

Today 9 PAX took on Week 2 of the IronPAXChallenge at The County & some feedback was not only is this WO a “beast” but the WO alone may take a little longer than the 45 minutes we have slotted for weekday WOs. In an effort to ensure PAX members are done by 0615 we’reContinue reading “IronPAXChallenge Week 2 BlackOps at The Posh 9.10.19 PreBlast”

IronPAXChallenge Week 1 BO at The Posh 9.3.19 BB

Since the WOs for the IronPAXChallenge predetermined, Qing the WOs is easy…you just have to measure out distances & make sure all the participating PAX know what they’re doing. I got to The Posh at about 0515 to mark out the distances for the WO, set up some music, & let the PAX know theContinue reading “IronPAXChallenge Week 1 BO at The Posh 9.3.19 BB”


Huggies & I have both participated in multiple Monthly Ruck Events (which have all been awesome for the record) but for this one, we wanted to do something no one else had done. Several months ago we began talking about ideas when came up with the idea of canoeing down Floyd’s Fork while stopping throughoutContinue reading “BACKBLAST FROM FLOYD’S FORK 8.23.19”


Ever heard of David Goggins, “the toughest man alive”? Whether you have or haven’t is ultimately irrelevant, but the inspiration for this Ruck came from a section of his book You Can’t Hurt Me. David Goggins is a former Navy SEAL who went through the program’s Hell Week (what seems to be unanimously described asContinue reading “AUGUST RUCK EVENT 8.23.19 PREBLAST”

August Ruck Event 3ndF Included

Leading up to the August Ruck Event (Friday 8.23.19) Huggies & I would like to incorporate a 3ndF component: a school supplies campaign. We have multiple PAX within the Region who are teachers or work with JCPS (Mr. Hat, Mr. Kotter, Harbaugh, Retainer, & more…apologies to anyone I left out) & I’m sure they canContinue reading “August Ruck Event 3ndF Included”

7.4.19 Battle of The PAX at The Garden PreBlast

Huggies & I met up yesterday afternoon to grab a couple of beers & finalize our WO for tomorrow. As we started talking about what each one of us planned to do it was amazing to see the WO transform into a different direction neither of us originally planned. What was designed to be aContinue reading “7.4.19 Battle of The PAX at The Garden PreBlast”

The Blender 6.19.19 PreBlast

Of the last 3 times I’ve posted, 2 of the WOs were “competitions”. I like this idea because I think more often than not, in these scenarios we push ourselves harder than usual…because losing sucks. I don’t know exactly what we’re doing yet, but it will be competition based. I suggest wearing off-road shoes if youContinue reading “The Blender 6.19.19 PreBlast”

7 Stations of Suffering at St. Pats BlackOps 6.4.19 BackBlast

We’ve been running a BlackOps at St. Patrick’s for about 3 months now & it really is an awesome site. There’s a long, consistent, steep hill in the front with a huge parking lot up top & an even longer, multi-grade, hill in the back with an even bigger parking lot. There are two playgroundsContinue reading “7 Stations of Suffering at St. Pats BlackOps 6.4.19 BackBlast”

St. Patrick’s BlackOps 6.4.19 PreBlast

(Not my M nor anyone I know, just a censored fictional picture to depict my view while at the pool) Over Memorial Day weekend the M & I went to Scottsdale…without the 2.0s which was very refreshing. However, if you know me then you’d know that just sitting by a pool for 4 days isn’tContinue reading “St. Patrick’s BlackOps 6.4.19 PreBlast”