1st Broad Run BO establishes the “The 700 Club” 2.13.20 BB

5 Rounds of all these reps equals 700, hence “The 700 Club”

In preparation for this Q I went out to the site on Tuesday to scout things out a little more (I’d been there before, but it was like 8 months ago to Ruck) & I left pumped. Given the forecast for this morning I was really pumped seeing this Pavilion below, but admittedly I wondered what the lighting would be like in the gloom. So, naturally I messaged Yogi to see when/if the lights would be on & he wrote back that all the lights turn on at 0500, but I didn’t anticipate this. 🤯 For anyone who complains about going to a WO that’s more than 5 minutes away from their fartsack know that this is a 25 minute jaunt for me so I got up at 0440, picked up Nice & Slow, & pulled out of his driveway at 0500. I didn’t know what to expect as I pulled into the parking lot I was thinking it might just be the two of us, but was excited to see several cars already in the lot. 

The Woodland Garden & Pavilion


  1. Nice & Slow
  2. Potter
  3. Newman
  4. Huggies
  5. Nino (QIC)

The PAX who’d already arrived were waiting in the pavilion so we met them over there. I thanked the PAX for coming out, gave the disclaimer, & we did CoP right there.


  • (15) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (10) Toy Soldiers IC
  • (15) Abe Vigodas IC

Time for The Thang.


The board above was set up on one of the picnic tables in the pavilion & I explained to the PAX this was a “You vs You” WO, but the goal was for everyone to get through 5 Rounds (5 Rounds of all the reps on the board comes out to 700, hence the name “The 700 Club”). On my signal the PAX started in the upper left corner with (30) Squats & then followed the progression to the right to the next exercise  (there were 10 in total). Initially, I planned to utilize more of the space by having the PAX run out & back across the space in front of the pavilion doing (5) Box Jumps at each step on the way back after the last exercise…like this:

However, when I was walking through details of The 700 Club I went out on the steps & it was clear the grass field was a sloppy mess so I called an audible giving the PAX the option to run the field OR to run 2 laps around the pavilion & continue to add +1 lap after each round (so by Round 5 you ran 6 laps). Hands off to Potter who opted for the field for 4 Rounds. 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 

At 0615 all the PAX were finishing up Round 5, time was called, & we circled up for CoT.


  • CoR
  • NoR
  • Announcements
    • Poker Ruck presented by Methane & Star Child is this Saturday 2.15.20.
  • Intentions

Again, I thanked the PAX for coming out this morning as I know it likely wasn’t the most convenient place for them to post, but it was greatly appreciated. After positing at Broad Run & knowing there’s a lack of anything like F3Louisville in the area of the park I’m extremely optimistic about the potential for this to become the next AO of the Region.

Nino out.

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