IronPAXChallenge Week 3 BO at The County 9.21.19 BB


Each week of the first two weeks of the IPC I’ve Qd the weekly WO on Tuesday for a couple of reasons…1. Friday is the M’s day to workout & 2. I prefer to get this thing knocked out & not having it looming over my head for the week. However, this week was going to be different because the M left on Monday at 0530 for a meeting in Orlando & wasn’t due back in until Thursday night so my plan was to do the WO on Friday with McAfee. Then I was talking with Catfish about how the WO went on Tuesday he told me got mixed up in some counting to where he was off by 100 reps. This was absolutely eating the Spartan alive to the extent he asked if I’d want to do the WO on Saturday…I thought 💭this wasn’t a bad idea because then I could post on Friday to get back in a rhythm vs being off a week & going straight into the IPC. Turns out the M’s return flight on Thursday got canceled putting her in mid-day Friday & I couldn’t post so I ended up going into the WO after being off for a week. Enough with the back story, here’s the rundown of what happened:


  1. Catfish
  2. Gypsy
  3. Husky
  4. Nino (QIC)

Due to the pull ups required for this WO The County is an absolute ideal location to enable multiple PAX to do pull ups at once which is why this WO was done 4-5 times there this week. With only 4 of us we all picked a designated area to do the WO. I had each of us get 2 coupons: 1 to use for the WO & the other to use to keep track of your count. The playground at The County is on a rubber pad & my idea was to have each PAX use a piece of chalk to mark down a tally each time they completed a round so that no one gets mixed up in their counting, but due the rubber pad we had to have a coupon present instead. We walked through the WO: what each exercise was along with number of reps. I turned on some jams & gave a “3 count” to begin:

Week 3 WO: “Meter’s 43”


No running…not a single step, but this thing was an absolute beast.

Week 3 Results: “Meter’s 43”

  • Catfish: 1512 reps
  • Gypsy: 710 reps
  • Husky: 900 reps
  • Nino: 905 reps

In case you’re wondering what Catfish did on Tuesday, he couldn’t recall if he’d done 1243 reps or 1343 reps & was going to submit the lower to be safe. I’m glad he didn’t, because this morning he put up 169 more reps than the higher of the two options from Tuesday. I love how these WOs force you to push yourself & those around you.

I also want to give a shout out to the PAX who posted for the Nest WO at The County this morning & their support/encouragement as they passed us throughout the duration of the 43 minutes. 👊🏼


  • COR
  • NOR
  • Announcements
  • Intentions

3 WOs down, 1 more to go to wrap up this IPC, but who knows maybe McAfee & I have something in store to where this won’t really be the end.

Nino out.

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