Dem County Boyz Still Got “It” 10.1.19 BackBlast

In my PreBlast, I noted how long it’d been since I posted at The County, which is surprising considering how frequently I posted there last year & it’s less than 15 minutes away from my house. Today I shared with the PAX of The County the reason why: I didn’t need to. The County became an AO last year & saw not only consistent, but tremendous growth. This past winter was the first winter the AO had to endure & it didn’t miss a beat so in April when I got done traveling every week I put my attention as co-1stF Q in other areas to try to help the Region (e.g. the formation of The Garden). Something I’ve learned over the past year as co-1stF Q is more often than not, I can’t think or do what I want, but what was needed. Seeing what the leadership at The County by Crockpot, Alexa, Momma’s Boy, & Big Bird has produced in regards to attendance, but more importantly fellowship is truly admirable & appreciated. Enough my thoughts because only maybe five people will actually read them…here’s what we did:


  1. Alexa
  2. Powder Coat (FNG)
  3. Preppy (FNG)
  4. Crock Pot
  5. Cratchit
  6. Captain Crunchberry
  7. Le Pew
  8. Pew Pew
  9. Jerry Maguire (R)
  10. Scratch-N-Dent
  11. Mud Bug
  12. Red Card
  13. Brown Water
  14. Fructose
  15. Wildflower
  16. Cochran (Happy Birthday)
  17. Asian Zing (R)
  18. Cardigan
  19. Pelican
  20. Gisele
  21. Peach
  22. Nino (QIC)

As everyone was stretching prior to the start of the WO I saw a lot of faces I didn’t recognize so I made sure to go around to not only say “Hi” to everyone, but also introduce myself. At 0528 Crockpot asked me to introduce myself to the group, who HL me, when I first posted, etc. which I think is great & something we should start doing at every WO. Afterwards I gave the disclaimer & had the PAX count off into groups of 3 so we ended up with (6) groups of 3 PAX & (1) group of 4 PAX. We were then off on a short mosey to the parking area right next to the playground for COP.


  • (20) SSH IC
  • (10) Abe Vigotas IC
  • (10) Grass Grabbers IC

I then instructed each PAX to get a coupon, bring it back to the close side of the long parking lot for The Thang, & get together with their groups.

The Thang

This WO was similar to one I did at The Mutt back in June, but with a few changes. I placed 4 markers 15 yards apart down the middle of the parking with the baseline being at the side of the end of the lot on the side closet to the grass area. In the middle of the baseline there were these signs, one to explain the exercises/number of reps to perform & one to explain how to perform the suicide portion:


Due a shortage of coupons we did a High Knees Coupon Overhead Carry to Marker 2.

To start things off, PAX 1 of a team would begin the suicide portion of The Thang. While PAX 1 was doing the suicide, PAX 2 & PAX 3 of the team began executing each of the exercises & correlating reps on the board. When PAX 1 finished the suicide PAX 2 went to do the suicide while PAX 1 & PAX 3 continued to execute each of the exercises & correlating reps on the board. Once you got done with the suicide you picked back up where you’d left off in the exercises & continued doing them until you were up again. If a PAX member on the team completed the board they were to then begin helping their teammates with their remaining work (I don’t think this happened).

At 0610 I called time, we returned the coupons, & headed to the Flag for CoT.


  • COR
  • NOR
    • Had 2 FNGs present who were named Powder Coat & Preppy
  • Announcements
    • I forgot to do this because I was exhausted, but the F3Louisville Fall Festival is on Saturday 10.19.19 at Le Pew’s farm in Crestwood. Look for more details through a PreBlast on the website or Slack.
  • Intentions

I thanked the PAX for coming this morning & how proud I was of this thriving AO. I asked the SkyQ give us the strength/courage to be the leaders needed in our homes for our Ms/2.0s, in our places of work, & community because they’re needed now more than ever.

Nino out.

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