AfterZoom Delight 4.14.20 BackBlast

I honestly don’t know what day of quarantine we’re on, but I have noticed over this time period a lot more posts on social media for various exercises & WOs to do at home. Given it wasn’t even decided until about 0930 today to do this WO I was short on time to put something together so I pulled this one I found on Instagram.


  1. Minnow
  2. Nice & Slow
  3. Nino (QIC)

No CoP, just some individual stretching to get ready before I shared The Thang:

Between each round we ran (2) 20-yard sprints & had 45 seconds of recovery. After the 5th Round there was 3 minutes left so we did some Mary to close down the WO.


  • NoR
  • CoR
  • Announcements
  • Intentions

Nino out.

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