Was glad to be back to the Fog last Saturday and enjoyed teaming up with Bob Ross to offer a Saturday beatdown. Plus, Little Jerry was there!

PAX- Bob Ross, Jitterbug (CO-QIC),  Ladybird (R), Iceman (R), Little Jerry (R), Aerobie (R), Mr. Kotter, PK, Gypsy

Bob Ross got us started with a short mosey and then COT=  SSH, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers, Stretching; a couple of other things; I shouldn’t have waited till Wednesday to do this BB

Thang 1- Bob Ross led us on an Indian Run mosey for a return to Meth Hill. I had not been to Meth Hill since the very early days of my time with F3 Last April and May. Also I had never seen it in the daylight, so when I did it was easy to see why those workouts were so difficult. We did a 7 with Squats and Burpees, (1 Squat at top of Hill, Run down to bottom for 6 Burpees, Run Back up for 2 Squats, etc.  This was Brutal!  It is a long hill and I am anxious to return soon.  We moseyed back to the Bridge where YHC took over.

Thang 2- A burpee waterfall down the line and back , then mosey back to lot for….

Thang 3- I had the group Circle up and we did a thing I learned when I posted DR in Charlotte from a true him named ThinMint.  Group performed 10 “Slow and Low” Merkins (essentially a copperhead 3 count Merkin), then immediately did 10 Mountain Climbers, Followed immediately by 8 Slow and Low Merkins and 8 Mountain climbers, and so on working our way down to 2, but holding a plank the entire time; this one is tougher than it sounds

Thang 4-  Blimps around the Egg Lawn. We started off on a mosey and at each light post switched off and alternated Bernie Sanders, Karaoke (right and left), and Flo Jo (right and left).  Every 4th post we stopped for 1 set of the following in order. 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges (each leg), 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 25 PlankJacks, 30 Squats

Mosey Back to Flag for 5 minutes of Mary featuring a Jack Webb of Big Boys and American Hammers

COT, Announcements and Intentions;  Thanks to those that joined us it is always a pleasure and an honor.

Jitterbug and Bob Ross

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