Rooster BB 7/23/17

Pax: Tiger, Larry Flint, Old Bay, Buschhhh, Worm, AtAt (DR), Digorno, Wham-O (R), Rih Rih, Backdraft, Plumb Bob, Gepetto, MacAfee, Nugget, Sump Pump, Glen Ross, Duece💩, Blueprint, Cowbell, Pepperoni, Mouth, Windshield, Tureen, MadCow Mosey around the school to the big parking lot for COP: 11 in cadence Abe Vigoda, Mt Climbers, Downward Dog, Michael Phelps,Continue reading “Rooster BB 7/23/17”

3/5/19 Rooster Backblast

Q Mad Cow Pax: Wham O(R), Duece, Methane, Fridge, Pepperoni, Zima, Fungi, Sump Pump, PED, Tasty Freeze(FNG), Bigbird, Blueprint, Mary Poppins, Left Eye, Beano, Fergie Weather: Cold AF Disclaimer given and mosey around the reflection path. Thang 1: Merkin Mile to Mile and a quarter. 4 laps around the reflection path with 25 merkins betweenContinue reading “3/5/19 Rooster Backblast”

Warm and Moist Blender Backblast 2/6/19

Q: Mad Cow Pax: Digorno, Geppetto, Glen Ross, Sump Pump, Backdraft, Plumb Bob, Buschhhhhh, Blueprint, Snowman, PED, Larry Flint, Wham! Weather: Warm and Moist So I put out in my PB that everyone should join me and we would be warm and moist just like my favorite thing…brownies fresh from the oven. Duh. For someContinue reading “Warm and Moist Blender Backblast 2/6/19”

The Hurt Backblast 12/29/18 I was a Big Pussy

I want to start by saying that people have legitimate reasons for missing workouts. Injuries are real and life throws all kinds of curveballs. But if I’m honest with myself as of late my reasons for missing workouts boil down to one thing…. I was being a Big Pussy! I could always find an excuseContinue reading “The Hurt Backblast 12/29/18 I was a Big Pussy”

5/1/18 Rooster Backblast

Pax(22): Mad Cow(QIC), Zartan, Deuce, Cow Bell, Tiger, Steerage, Waterboy, Tureen, Noxeema Jackson, Airplane, Fergy, Spreadsheet, Wendy(FNG), Sump Pump, Draper, Left Eye, Sherpa, Glenn Ross, Grinder, Mouth, Wham O, Old Bay COP: We did some stretching and some Mountain Climbers. The Thang: 2 minutes AMRAP Merkins, BB Sit-ups, Lunges, Coupon Overhead Press, Coupon Curls, 4Continue reading “5/1/18 Rooster Backblast”