BB for BO Ruck at Big 4 Bridge 12/14/18

This is the time of year that I really enjoy rucking so I shot a text to a few Pax to see the interest level and got a few HC’s so Star Child put out a PreBlast and it was official. Sidenote: I knew I would get a HC from Star Infant since his vagina has been so sore lately and he hasn’t been able to get our ITG.

Pax: Star Baby, Zartan, Diablo, Wham!, Mad Cow, Face, and Flounder.

Thang: Walk with a heavy backpack and enjoy some 2nd F. We walked up the ramp and I was out of breath but we decided to push on across the Bridge to the wrong side of the river. On our way down the ramp I kept hearing a quiet noise that sounded almost like someone saying “beep beep”, not knowing what it was I attributed it to Star Child queefing until we were almost run over by a guy on a bike saying “beep beep.” We got to the bottom of the ramp and walked down to the sidewalk that runs along the river. We discussed how much we like the F3 Godfather and hope to be more like him as the force becomes stronger in us. We made our way back up the 1 million steps to the bridge and back across to the Ville. We circled up for the count off and NOR and Star Child closed us out with a short prayer.

I really enjoy Rucking because of the fellowship aspect. I learned this morning, and still don’t believe him, that this was Diablo’s first Ruck across the Big 4 Bridge and that you should never question Wham! about how many hours he bills you for his lawyering services, especially when the bill is for less than 1 hour. I learned that I must have offended CI at some point because he won’t ever ruck with me. Actually I think he is too busy styling his flowing mane these days to be able to do much else. Kilo I still have the autographed Raiders helmet you gave away in a drawing at your ruck event this summer and left at the bar.

If I have offended anyone/everyone with this BB than I have accomplished my goal and those offended should seek out the “complaints” tab on the website.


Mad Cow

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