The Hurt Backblast 6/30/18

Its been a long time since I have been able to post at a Saturday WO, so I was pumped about having the Q at The Hurt! I was even more excited when I pulled up to The Mutt and there were two 2.0s

Pax: MadCow, Sump Pump, Chedda (DR pax Lexington SC), Left Eye, DoJo(2.0), Airplane, Aqua Man(2.0), Miyagi, Grinder, Waterboy, Geppetto, Tammy Fay Baker

When I walked outside I thought, man it actually feels pretty good. Well that thought lasted until the end of the mosey around the school. I was steamy!

COP: 21 reps of each of the following in cadence (except for Kendra Newmans)

  • SSH
  • Abe Vigoda
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Kendra Newmans
  • Michael Phelps

Lets grab some coupons and head up to the football field for a little dealers choice.

Thing 1: Deck of Death

Each suit in a deck of cards stands for an exercise and the number on the card represents the number of reps. Jacks are 11, queens 12 and so on and so forth…. I used a deck of cards app on my phone. The 4 exercises were curls, merkins, mountain climbers, and squats. There were also 2 jokers which were 20 each of dips and BB sit-ups. This was a real crowd pleaser and more difficult than I thought.

Thing 2: Black Jack

Line up across the field facing the sideline about 20 yards away. Do 1 upright row, run to the sideline and do 20 LBCs and continue back and forth until you are doing 20 upright rows and 1 LBCs. This was extremely tough in the steamy temps and when we were almost done Chedda said I’m going to give you a F3 Lexington compliment, “this is a stupid Q!” Which he said meant an extremely tough WO.

Thing 3: Cool Down

We finished Black Jack and returned the coupons. We had about 7 minutes left so I decided to build on the 2nd F and do a true cool down. We walked on the new path around the field and circled up around the flag.


We gathered in for COR and NOR. We offered intentions and Airplane talked about the BB sit-up challenge in honor of Vincent and his intense chemo this coming week. Challenge is to complete 200 BB’s per day Monday through Friday. It was great to have Chedda and the 2.0’s out for my Q. Chedda is planning on stopping in next Saturday on his way back to South Carolina and possibly guest Qing The Hurt. Hope everyone has a great week. Stay safe on the 4th and I will SYITG.




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