Blender Backblast 4/11/18

So I saw on Slack that Glen Ross was looking for a Q for the Blender this week and said what the heck, it’s been awhile, I’ll take it. Well Glen Ross, being the very smart guy that he is, figured out that I Q’d the inaugural Blender WO (you peoplehave way too much free time). So he put out a preblast staying this fact.  Most of you would probably come up with something clever to play on that during the WO or use the inaugural WO again. My dumb county ass thought “Oh that’s pretty cool, did I just step in dog shit, we have practice in an hour, I’m hungry” and never thought about the inaugural Q again. So in all my wisdom I planned nothing, except for the fact that we weren’t running, till about 5 am this morning. Thanks to the pax for putting up with me. Here’s what we did.

14 Pax: Mad Cow, Zartan, PED, Sump Pump, Ozone, CowBell, Backdraft, Grinder, Busccchhhh, Pope, Storm Trooper, Scratch

COP: 15-20 in cadence

SSH, Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newmans, Abe Vigodas, Downward dog, Cobra


Merkin Time Bomb(Long plank with 14 pax) ends up being 55 Merkins or 56 for Busscchhh

Instructions were given about how to use good form and how it is better to modify numbers and not form. Basically if you look like you’re giving the pavement head you’re doing wrong. Flat back and chest should almost touch ground. Proud to say we didn’t have any pavement cock suckers.(Hope this doesn’t offend anyone….no reallly I don’t give a shit)

Go get coupons. This was actually just an intimidation tactic as we didn’t use them. See below.


Start with Big Boy Sit-up then Bear Crawl about 20 yds for Burpees then lunge walk back to continue Big Boys and repeato till you get to 10 Big Boys and down to 1 burpee. I actually thought I might die. Side note: Sump Pump headlocked CowBell who came out for the first time on Tuesday at Rooster but guess who wasn’t at Rooster….that’s right, Sump Pump, but CowBell was back today at Blender. Not only did Sump Pump have a Naked Headlock but then halfway through the bear crawls on asphalt he says “sorry CowBell should’ve told you to wear gloves!”  Are you f-ing kidding me. Oh yeah and of course Pipe lapped everyone twice while wearing his tank top. Dude is a beast

Back on track. Mary Webb

1:4 ratio LBCs to Rosalita

made it to 10:40. Hard

Return coupons(intimidation worked)

COT: F3 Lexington Launches in May. Let’s have a strong showing to get this thing kicked off. Prayers form my uncle, Backdrafts son/family, our brother Abacus and his wife, Wedding Singers pops and all those I forgot or didn’t get said aloud. Let’s go make this a better place!


Mad Cow3C01024A-8C35-4348-84C5-B63CCD29841F



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