4/10 DoubleTree Cincy Airport BlackOps BackBlast 5PAX 3FNG



Every quarter I travel to a random hotel, for quarterly ra ra go team drug dealer meetings.  Since starting F3 I’ve obviously gotten ridiculously really remarkably good looking that so many of my teammates have asked “Kilo, what have you been doing to get so RRRGL?”  The time has come for me to show off my new skills along with a fellow HIM and EH master (Nino).  We placed a proper F3 Beatdown on 3 FNGs.  All of whom have F3 in their city or have F3 coming to their city.





Mule (Indy FNG)

Pinot (Cincy FNG)

Feathers (Lexington FNG)


let the Beatdown commence


20 Mtn climbers
20 imperial walkers
20 SSH


Partner up

P1 Burppe Suicide.

Cone 1. 1 burpee
Cone2. 2 burpee
Cone3. 3 burpee


YHC had 3 ruck plates

jog w plate

Corner of hotel 20 thrusters

jog with plate

Next corner 20 curls

jog w plate

Next corner  40 squats

jog w plate

back to curls corner 20 curls

jog w plate

back to thrusters corner 20 thrusters

jog w plate to start point

Flap jack with your partner


Mosey back to flag for:

Ab o Rama (full LBC, LBC, rt leg LBC, lt Leg LBC, Big Marge, feet on ground LBC, Rt plank hip dips, Lt plank hip dips, Full LBC)

20 count all the way through

10 count all the way through

Merkin water fall (Woof)

10 merkins, 10 count plank, 9 merkins 9 count plank……………1 merkin 1 count plank

merkin ladder (Woof)

1 merkin 1 count plank…………………..10 merkins 1 count plank

Lunge walk burpee suicide.

Jack Webb 1:incline merkin 4: dips




name o Rama

pinot- is a wineO

mule- last name Tillberry, mules till

feathers- I used to call him birdman because he’s skinny so feathers seemed appropriate.


Ball of man arkund flag!

thanked my boys for believing in me and Nino enough to carry steel plates around a hotel parking lot.  All are interested in continuing on to their local PAX.


Share it!!!



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