Blender BackBlast 6/27/18

QIC: MadCow

Pax: Old Bay, Sump Pump, Fridge, Glen Ross, Cow Bell, Left Eye, Geppetto, Diablo

Start with disclaimer and then a jog around the school to circle up in the back parking lot in front of whatever they call the old Multi-Purpose Building.

COP: All exercises in Cadence: Plank Jacks, Abe Vigoda, SSH, Kendra Newmans, Downward Dog, Cobra and maybe something else.

Thing 1: Partner up for Dora 1 2 3. P1 does exercise while P2 Bernie Sanders 20 yds. does 1 Bobby Hurly and then sprints back to relieve P1. As a pair pax must complete the following: 100 Squats, 200 Merkins, 300 LBC’s. This wasn’t easy!

Thing 2: Everyone go grab 2 coupons and lets Farmers Carry, or in our case Mason Carry, around the school stopping at the corners to complete a set of 10 of the following exercises: coupons shoulder width apart, one hand on each and perform a deep Merkin, BB sit-ups, squats and then we made it to the Portico. Circle up under the portico for a little Pax choice coupon work. Each Pax calls out an exercise and all complete 10 reps. We did 2 rounds of this. Exercises included: incline & decline Merkins, Single arm rows, Coupon thrusters, Coupon swings, Coupon American hammers, Flutter kicks, Leg raises, Coupon pull overs, Coupon chest press, BB sit-ups, Curls and a few I can’t remember.

We returned the coupons and circled up for 2 minutes of Mary.

COT: Announcement about the 3rd F lunch today at WhichWich and HDHH at Gerstles. Intentions for Pope, Wedding Singer, Abacus, Wintergerst-Westons, and others. I thanked everyone for coming out in the gloom to help me get better.




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