4/14-4/15 Night Ruck AAR of sorts

First off props to Captain Insane-O and Zartan for putting this thing together. I just wanted to share a few thoughts and things I learned doing this ruck.

PT is tough while wearing a ruck. It is even more tough while wearing a ruck with snacks and 3L of H2O and dry clothes etc…

Reading a map (if that’s what you want to call what we were given) at night with a headlamp is tough, especially a laminated map. My current headlamp doesn’t have a red light option. This would have helped tremendously in this case IMO.

Listen to directions and don’t be afraid to ask your team for help if you are the leader during a challenge.

IMO it is easier to fireman carry a casualty than it is to carry a casualty with a partner. You made need to take a few more breaks but it is much less awkward IMO.

Ruck manmakers SUCK!!!!!!!!!


I have and used my GORUCK Rucker 1.0 this is a link to the GORUCK Rucker 2.0 which replaced the 1.0 this year. So far I love this ruck. I have the sternum strap and padded hip belt which both make a huge difference during a long ruck event. I carry 3 – 10lb homemade steel plates as my weight and use Source Tactical Hydration Bladder for hydration. Both fit well in the Rucker. I also carried an extra pair of underwear, socks, shirt, and thin pants in a dry bag in my Rucker.

Wet at night with 60-65 degree air temps is a lot colder than I realized, especially when you stop moving. Good dry windbreaker will be key if given the opportunity to change during a break after getting wet. I had a windbreaker/rain jacket in my rucker but since it wasn’t raining when we started and it was actually warm I didn’t start off wearing it. By the time the rain started I was so hot that it felt good and I wasn’t about to put on a rain jacket and trap all that heat. The only time I really got cold was when we stopped for nutrition and by then I was soaked so the jacket wasn’t going to help.

Having a ball cap is key if its raining to keep the rain from pelting you in the face.

Mechanix gloves worked well.

Darn Tough Endurance Socks are what I wore. By the end of the ruck my feet were saturated but I had no blister issues. Really liked these socks. I also had an extra pair in a dry bag in my rucker

I wore my Solomon Pro XA 3D Trail Shoes and thought they did an awesome job. Despite rain most of the night my feet stayed pretty dry until I stepped in a few deep puddles. These are not gortex so the idea is that they will let water out and begin to dry after submersion. I can’t tell you how well they dry because it never stopped raining.

I wore Patagonia Mens Quandary Pants and they were very comfortable and help up well. They actually stayed pretty dry for the first half of the ruck but eventually were pretty soaked. I think they will dry well but honestly can’t say because it never stopped raining. 

My shirt was the White Claw F3 DriFit style shirt I got for donating to Hope Scarves for the Marathon Relay Shirt was great. Cause is GREATER!


I had 3L of H2O in my hydration bladder. Maybe drank 1/3 since it wasn’t hot outside.

Had 2 Blueberry Cliff Energy Crisp Bars I ate one of these. It was delicious.

I also ate 1 pack of Pomegranate Sport Beans w/ Caffeine. These were good but definitely need to have H2O with them because they are pretty sweet. Also I didn’t eat the entire pack at one time, I probably split it between 3 different nutrition breaks.

I also brought 2 different packs of Gu gel that I didn’t even try.

I am really looking forward and really nervous about GrowRuck 09 which is coming up in 2 weeks. I know that with the help of my F3 brothers we will all make it through this grueling event. Thanks again to CI and Zartan for organizing this event and to all those that participated in the event this past weekend. I feel more prepared now and I think we will knock it out of the park.




2 thoughts on “4/14-4/15 Night Ruck AAR of sorts

  1. We only need one OJ and he’s not even the murdery kind.

    I regret not wearing my rain jacket, but I’m worried I would have been a smoldering piece of goo with the movements we were making. Injinjis with socks over were good but my feet were still wet. But no blisters. My pants were dry by the time we got out of Shenanigans. Gloves were soaked and sucked. Not sure what to do if it’s cold and rainy. Gonna pack some water proof just in case. Shirt change would have been a great idea if we were going longer.


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