4/16/18 Veterans Parks BackBlast

When I agreed to VQ at Veterans Park I knew what I want to do. I wanted to honor those that have given so much. Veterans have always held a special spot in my heart. The sacrifices these men ,women and their families make all on the behalf of the American People in the name of FREEDOM. This got me thinking how can my BROTHERS and I honor those sacrifices in a beat down . This is how MY BROTHERS (PAX (4)): Diablo, Kilo, Meatball, and myself Newman chose to honor all that has been sacrificed.

-Our beat down began with a little RECON-1mile run

-Followed by what I Called 7.62 Full Metal Jackets: 7 BOYO, 6 FROGMEN(squat jumps), for 2minutes. For the Late R.Lee Ermey

-The Heavy Artillery :

-22 merkins

-30 squats

-30 lbc’s

-10 boyo’s

-10 windmills

-22 merkins

-30 mountain climbers

-30 flutter kicks

-10 boyo’s

-10 grassgrabbers

-22 merkins

-30 ssh

-30 supermans

-10 boyo’s

-10 chain breakers

-22 merkins

-30 lunges

-30 hello dollies

-10 boyo’s

-10 American hammers

-Another round of  RECON- 1 mile run

-Finished up with a bad batch of ammo. Was meant to be 556 Instead we got 513

-thats 5 bear crawls, 1 traveling burpee, for 3 minutes

-the heavy artillery portion of our beat down is in large part a modified version of the Marine Corps Special Operation Command( MARSOC) short card. Modifications made were 22 merkins instead of 30; no dead hang pull-ups lack of necessary equipment. (Failed to adapt & overcome)

-Chose to change the merkins from 30 to 22 to raise awareness. Awareness that 22 veterans commit suicide everyday(#MISSION22)

-Closed with name-o-rama, no intentions, announcements made: Diablo reminded Pax about convergence Saturday and encouraged anyone that has not attended one to come out. Kilo reminded Pax of our current 3rdF service project- JCPS shoe drive.

-Gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for the men,women and families of our service members, thanked him for the opportunity to get better as men, husbands, fathers, and as people in general. Amen.

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