Warm and Moist Blender Backblast 2/6/19

Q: Mad Cow

Pax: Digorno, Geppetto, Glen Ross, Sump Pump, Backdraft, Plumb Bob, Buschhhhhh, Blueprint, Snowman, PED, Larry Flint, Wham!

Weather: Warm and Moist

So I put out in my PB that everyone should join me and we would be warm and moist just like my favorite thing…brownies fresh from the oven. Duh. For some reason it seems everyone elses’s mind went into the gutter, but I digress.

Disclaimer was given as the rain began and we moseyed around the school for our COP which included some exercises and some stretching, then we grabbed coupons for

Thang 1: WARM

8 minute round. Made an imaginary rectangle in the parking lot. Everyone started in the same corner. Completed OYO 20 reps of first exercise, move to next corner for 20 reps of next exercise and so on and so forth carrying the coupon with you. Exercises were:


American Hammers


Monkey Humpers

Most of us completed 2 or 3 rounds. Buschhhhhhh did 10.

Thang 2: MOIST

Lets go for a walk with our coupons and complete exercises at different times along the route. Route was up Leland to St. Matthews Ave over to Brookfield Ave and back to HT. Exercises were:

Merkin Wipes

Overhead Press

Imperial Walkers


T-Merkins (these could have been done under the dry portico but this tough group wanted to do them on the cold wet pavement, so we did.)

Thang 3: Apple Turnover

Alternate Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, and Crawl Bear. Each exercise covered the distance between 4 parking spaces and then switch for a total of 2 turns at each exercise.

Put coupons back and plank for 2 minutes till time expired


Ball of man: Thanked everyone for coming out in the rain and helping me to be better physically, mentally and spiritually. This is a great group of Men.


Mad Cow

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