Back Blast – 2.3.19 – Parklands

YHC was looking for a ruck to continue building up to the Columbus StarCourse in April. PK had planned on this being a longer ruck (15+ miles). He had us meet up at the Parklands Pope Lick Park. PK wanted to start at 2AM. I was good with it, but you could tell that McAfee wanted to double check the night before given the early start time. The early start time was needed to train for the fact that the StarCourse takes place in the middle of the night.

It was a good opportunity to get the majority of our team together (PK, McAfee and Meter Maid). But let’s be honest, I was the one needing the training. PK already conquered the StarCourse in Cincinnati. McAfee and Catfish are both beasts so I know who is the six in this group (it is me-lol).

When I arrived, I saw PK already on-site. It was not surprise as he is always very early. He told me he had arrived at 1:40AM in advance of the 2am ruck lasting 5 hours. If they had an award for the earliest to the Qs, I would vote for him.

McAfee came in like Mama’s Boy hot on three wheels. We got a message that Plumb Bob wanted to join us. Unfortunately, he went to South Posh, but we waited for him to arrive at Pope Lick. The four of us cast off at 2:23AM.

Along the way we discuss led the origin of our F3 names and ran the North Carolina four corners a few times (everyone find a spot to pee). We did find one bathroom that was open on the route, but it was so new, the water wasn’t even connected.

Along the way we heard coyotes and the sounds of cats. We found a dead mouse, a few domesticated deer, and the smell on numerous skunks along the trail. LePew would have felt right at home. We had a great time with 2nd F and learned that Plumb Bob enjoys watching Bob Ross.

We ended up covering 16.31 miles. It was my longest ruck to date. We ended with a COT. As an added bonus, PK and McAfee’s work qualified them for the GoRuck – timed patch.


PAX- McAfee, Plumb Bob, Meter Maid and PK

-Meter Maid

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